Battyeford School Children

Mr. Clarkson
Mr. Trevor
David Dobson
Peter Schofield
Barry Holdsworth
Jeffrey Ellis
Michael Peace
John Taylor
David Hoole
David Crosland
Tony Beckwith
Brian? Priestley
Robert Squires
Geoffrey Garfield
Kathleen Hitchen
Sandra Duff
Christine Taylor
Jennifer Renton
Sheila Middleton
Pat Kingswell
Graham Hatfield
Roger Hargreaves
Pat Fearnley
Elizabeth Thramer
Jenny Anderson
Molly North
Christine Brown
Lilian Savage
Beryl Smith
Judith Bush
Eileen Goodall
Christine Gandy
Joan Gill
Peter Rounding
Ernest Savage
David Liversedge
Philip Garside
Peter Charlton
Michael Bridgewater
Unknown 40
Photo and names by Elizabeth Clift (nee Thramer) with help from Jacklin Oldroyd.
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