Other Mirfield Schools

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Other Mirfield Schools


Some other Mirfield schools from the past are presented here. Of these schools only Hopton County School along with its Infant's School still operate as schools today. Battyeford School operates from a new building on Nab Lane and the Knowl County Council School building is now Mirfield Community Centre.

Junior Schools Sports Day — Memorial Ground 1951

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Mirfield Memorial Ground was the venue for a combined sports day for all Mirfield Junior schools and this photo was taken in 1951.

Click on the above image for a larger photo with some of the names.

Knowl County Council School

The Knowl County Council School magazine for 1951 was produced by the children under the guidance of their teachers. The work was done by the pupils all the way from the literary content to the printing which was done on an old duplicating machine. Click the magazine to read it.
Pupils of Knowl County Council School on Water Royd Lane around 1949. On the larger image, hover your mouse over the faces to reveal the names. If anyone spots any mistakes or can name the few children we have missed then please email me and the page will be updated.

Battyeford C of E (Mixed) School - (Nab School)

Nab School Nab School

Battyeford (Nab) Schoolchildren in the 1950s

Battyeford School Children 1951/52
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Battyeford School 1951/52
Battyeford School before 1955
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Battyeford Junior School pre 1955


The larger photographs put names to faces where we know them.

For the 1951/52 photo the children were gathered in front of the school while for the Pre 1955 photo they were posed on the edge of the Nab Lane Working Mens' Club bowling green, which was situated just behind the school. After the club closed down the land was sold for building and the bowling green is now gone. The school building still stands but is no longer used as a school; a new more modern building further up Nab Lane has taken its place.

The Pre 1955 photo is by courtesy of Chris Walters (back row) and the list of names was originally compiled by Brenda Clarkson (second row). Chris would be pleased to hear from anyone who was at the school or has anything of interest to pass on and can be reached by email here.

Battyeford School circa 1953 click for larger photo
Battyeford Junior School circa 1953

The above photo is reproduced by courtesy of Bryan and Stephen Tarbatt.
If you can supply any other names then please email me.


Christ Church Infants' School 1945-46

Christ Church Infants' 1945/46 Christ Church Infants' School - 1945/46

Children at Christ Church Infants' School, Stocks Bank Road around 1945 or 1946. The children don't seem to be very pleased to be having their photo taken. The only faces recognised so far are Graham Schofield who is fourth from the left on the middle row and Graham Hatfield, second from the left on the back row. Perhaps someone out there can help with some of the other names?


St. Peter's Church and Schoolroom

St. Peter's Schoolroom St. Peter's Church and Schoolroom

St. Peter's Church and Schoolroom was situated at the Knowl and has now been demolished and replaced by flats. This very rare photo is by the late Ian E. Gawthorpe and is reproduced here with the kind permission of Christine Gawthorpe.

Lower Hopton County School

Hopton County School Building in 2004 is pictured on the left while on the right is the Primary School class of 1952


Upper Hopton School circa 1945

Upper Hopton School circa 1945. (Photo by courtesy of Janet Brady (nee Sykes).


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