Knowl County Magazine 1951

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Knowl County Magazine 1951
Three Cups for One Rabbit.

The rabbit show was for members only and was held at St. Luke's School. There were eight cups but four of then were for poultry.
There was a cup for "Any Variety Fur", "A.O.V. Fancy" "Juvenile" and "Novice" which was for people who had not previously won a prize worth 10/-. I won the last three cups mentioned. I also entered in the Grand Challenge in which I took a second prize worth 5/- also two firsts worth 2/6 and 2/- and I won three cups too.
I went to the Annual Meeting and there received my cups.
My rabbit has silver, brown and black hairs mixed evenly in its coat. It is about a year old and I am very fond of it. I feed it every day until it cannot eat any more. I hope to enter it for more shows whenever I have the opportunity.

Anthony Stewart.

Trip to Whitby

Every year at our school we go on a trip to the seaside. Last year we went to Whitby. It was a lovely sunny day and we all enjoyed it. We had an interesting journey across the moors and stopped at an inn where a peat fire has been burning for more than a hundred years.
First of all when we got there we went on the sands and paddled in the sea. When we had been there for about an hour we went for dinner.
After that we had ice-cream and then some children went to the abbey and learnt interesting facts about it. Others went for an enjoyable trip on a boat and some of us went to the Fun Fair.
About six-o'clock it was time to go home. On the way we stopped at a place where minerals were sold. When we had drunk our lemonade we got on the bus for home. It was ten o'clock when we arrived after a very enjoyable and exciting day.

Brenda Eagland.

A Dream.

One morning when I awoke, I threw the bedclothes back and opened the window. The surroundings were different. The tree which used to be at the bottom of the garden was now at the top and was nearly in my face.
I dressed feeling very puzzled. I walked out of my bedroom very perplexed and down the stairs thinking solemnly. Then I heard my father's voice "Brian come out of the cellar".
I turned round sharply. I looked around and saw shovels, coal, buckets and brushes. I felt queer because I knew we had not got a cellar.
I walked back up the stairs quickly for fear it was haunted. When I got to the top I saw mother "Where is father?"
"Gone to work" was the answer. She spoke very gruffily and I said "You have got father's voice."
"I know" she replied pulling out a gigantic knife "I am going to have you for my dinner" "No, no," I cried in a frightened voice.
Then I woke up. It had all been a dream.

Brian Thurlow.

A Nonsense Rhyme

There was a young fellow of Locket,
Who went up to the moon in a rocket.
When the rocket went bang
His head went Clang Clang
And he found both his ears in his pocket.

So he thought he'd retired
When the rocket backfired:
But instead of his pension,
He got mid-air detention
And could not get help though he wired.

David Wright

Our Football Team

The following boys have played in the school football team so far this season:
Goalkeeper: John Pinder
Fullbacks: D. Clegg, M. Coop, S. Bowman
Halfbacks: G. Schofield, D. R. Wright, M. Bowness
Forwards: M. English, P. Andrews, D. Wright, D. Weldrick, A. Beaumont, S. Mitchell, T.Fearnley.
We have a fairly good team and we try to play well together. Our greatest triumph was the game against Crowlees at home which we won by one goal to nil. We were the first team to beat them this season.
We have to play Hopton and Roberttown again and hope to keep up our team spirit in each game.

Record to press:  Won3

The captain is D. Weldrick and the vice captain is D. R. Wright

David Weldrick.

Some Football Items.

Tottenham Hotspur were called after a warrior nicknamed "Hotspur".

The Grimsby Town ground is not in Grimsby but in neighbouring Cleethorpes.

Bolton Wanderers got their name because at first they were without a permanent ground.

In 1938 Manchester City, were First Division top scorers (80 goals) yet were relegated.

The referee's whistle was first used in football on Notts Forest's ground in 1878.

An English League Footballer can refuse to play on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Brian Thurlow

An Amusing Tale

There once lived a wizard named Marvo Happiness. This was a funny name as he was always grumbling because he could not work his spells properly. Once he made, by magic, a submarine which had taken the mayor and had drowned him. Now he was trying to make a spell to make hair grow.
When he had finished his spell he went to try it out. As he was walking down the road he saw a man with no hair "Come along with me and I will make your hair grow". The man went along with Marvo who then get his wand and his powders. He mixed some pink and green powder together with water, then he dabbed it over the man's head and waved his wand. Suddenly the man almost disappeared. He went very small, then suddenly hair sprouted over him and he disappeared altogether.
At teatime Marvo brewed ginger powder instead of tea and put in pepper instead of sugar. Suddenly there was a rap and the door flew open. In barged the man he had made disappear.
"Make me land in an ice-cream tub would you and covered in hair and so tiny I could not get out?" Marvo sprang up, raced round the house collecting his things at the same time. He ran out of town and never came back.

Stephen Mitchell.

The "Caws of All the Trouble"

Oh sing a song of Bunny-land.
The bunnies loudly sing.
Their little rabbit voices are
As sweet as anything.

But then there comes a dreadful din,
Just like a rusty saw
"I'll join the class" says Charlie Crow
"You'll like my tuneful caw."

Brian Cooke.

Richmond (Yorkshire)

One will enjoy a trip to Richmond. There are many Historic things to he seen, for example, the Norman castle and its keep. The keep is a hundred feet high, towering above the Swale which sweeps grandly by. One would think the keep had only just been built as it stands there overlooking all Richmond, as strong as ever.

Then there is the quaint market place with Holy Trinity Church, its tower separated from the Nave by buildings which are now the council offices. Its north aisle is over shops.

Friars Wynd brings one the Greyfriars tower - just finished when Henry VIII closed down the monasteries.

As one walks down the Swale to the abbey at Easby the woods and hills are just like a picture. Easby Abbey is a fine old sight though now in ruins. There is an echoing stone on the hillside. I know this is true because I have tried it when we went from school at Easter.

Graham Schofield.