Adverts from the 1950s and 60s

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Lost Industries

During my research of the Mirfield Coronation Souvenir (1953) and the Mirfield Grammar School Magazines (1954-1962) I came across several advertisements placed by local industries. Some of these are still with us today but a great number (especially the mills) have long since disappeared. I present some of them here to prompt the memories of older visitors and also to hightlight those that have successfully survived.

Woods coaches Gregories Mill

Garforths Bricks
H. L. Cook (Grocers)
Station Road, Mirfield

E. P. Copley (Newsagent)
3 Fenton Street, Mirfield

Crossley's Soft Drinks
Orchard Works, Greenside Road

Dean & Co.
Newgate Garage, Mirfield

J. H. Eades & Son (Grocers)
206 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield

Edmundson's (Newsagent)
Eastthorpe, Mirfield

Lincoln Ewart (Butcher)
124 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield
Joseph Barraclough Ltd
Bankfield Mills, Mirfield

Jonas Beardsell (Draper)
Exchange Buildings, Mirfield

M. Beevers (Sweets)
126 Eastthorpe, Mirfield

Wardle Bellarby Ltd. (Wines & Spirits)
87 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield

Norman Brook (Chemist)
142 Eastthorpe, Mirfield

Norman Brown (Carriages)
Claremont Garage, St. Paul's Rd.

George Lyles
Woods Bacon Factory
Dorothy Harrison (Hair Stylist)
114 Eastthorpe, Mirfield

T. Jackson (Footwear)
Eastthorpe, Mirfield

Kilner Bros Ltd.
Foldhead Mills, Mirfield

H. Mann (Outfitters)
138 Eastthorpe, Mirfield

Mann & Bedford (Painters)
9 Knowl Road, Mirfield

H. Marsden (Jeweller)
148a Huddersfield Road, Mirfield

Nora (Ladies' & Children's Outfitter)
182 Eastthorpe, Mirfield
Nortons (Butchers and Grocers)
102 & 104 Greenside Road.

Plantation Rug Co.
Granny Lane, Mirfield

Sally's Café
17 Station Road, Mirfield

Shepley's (Fish and Fruit)
Old Bank Road, Mirfield

Marjorie Simon (Woolshop)

Wilkinson and Akeroyd


Crossley's Pop


Kilner Bros
Squire A. Radcliffe & Sons
Gill Bridge Oil Works, Mirfield

Charles Ramsden (Butcher)
Eastthorpe, Mirfield

H. L. Ramsden (Decorator)
Eastthorpe, Mirfield

Squire A. Taylor (Fish and Fruit)
Eastthorpe and Calder Road

Fred Stead (Funeral Director)
Granny Lane, Mirfield

S. Stout (Grocers)
34 Water Royd Lane, Mirfield

The Coloured Cotton Spinning Company
Britannia Mill, Mirfield

James Walker & Sons Ltd.
Holme Bank Mills, Mirfield

Wilkinson & Akeroyd Ltd.
Perseverance and Canal Works

P. S. Willans (Grocers)
136 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield

Wood's Bacon Factory Ltd.
Crossley Lane, Mirfield
George Walker


Harry Hood