M.G.S. Magazine - July 1954

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MGS Magazine 1954
Exam Results - Births, Marriages and Deaths

Form I A. Judith Fox, P. D. Senior.
Form I Alpha. Doreen Stringer, J. A. Ambler.
Form II A. Margaret E. Peace, Patricia E. Kershaw.
Form II Alpha. D. Wroe, Jean Whitehead.
Form III A. D. Johnson.
Form III Alpha. D. W. Wi11iams, J. C. Carter.
Form IV A. A. R. Hitchen.
Form IV Alpha. Wendy P. Renshaw, Rachel A. Hirst, W. K. Armitage

G.C.E. "Ordinary".
English: T. Scorah. History; Geography: M. Storey.
French: Margaret Swallow. Latin: Maureen Sheard.
Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Manual Instruction: J. K. Walker.
Domestic Science: Janet Sharp. Art: J. R. Banks.
Form VI Lower. Kathleen M. Appleyard.
Form VI Upper. D. C. Noble, P. Moorhouse, Joyce Neden.

Prizes presented by the Chairman of the Governors.
Head Boy-P. Burton. Head Girl- Joyce Neden.
The Samuel Walker Memorial Prizes.
P. Moorhouse. Margaret Swallow.
The William Todd Mathematics Prize - D. C. Noble.
The E. M. Young Prize for the Spoken Word - Sheila M. Kilner.
Physical Training Prizes - M. Copley; Christine Ramsden.
Games Prizes - P . Jaggar; Kathleen M. Appleyard.
Swire Trophy (Sports) - Priestley House.
Balme Trophy (Games) - Priestley House.


WEST RIDING BURSARIES - P. Burton; Joyce Neden.



Advanced Level.
P. Burton; M. Copley; P. Moorhouse; D. C. Noble; C. Smith; Joyce Neden; Cynthia M. Stead; W. J. Brook; Sheila M. Kilner.

Ordinary Level.
T. E. Cowdell; G. E. Darley; J. M. Dean; J. D. Eagles; H. Smith; J. N. Wood; Hazel M. Healey; Eileen Heywood; Lomé A. Malam; Winifred G. Middleton; Christine Ramsden; Janet Sharp; Elizabeth M. Sheard ; Margaret Swallow.
J. R. Banks; D. B. Brook; E. C. Halstead; T. Scorah; M. Storey; J. W. Thornes ; J. K. Walker ; J. R. Woodhouse ; Rosemary J. Anstee ; . Doreen Y. Armitage; Joan Berry; Judith E. Berry; Ruth M. Burnhill ; Jennifer Burton ; Margaret M. Clifton; W. Margaret Ford; Marilyn Guy; Jean Lamb; Muriel McGhee; Maureen Midwood; Winifred M. Parker; Maureen C. Porritt ; Maureen Sheard; Gwyneth M. Williams.

Births, Marriages and Deaths


KING - To Mr. and Mrs. R. King (Margaret Wood), a son, Andrew Wood, on April 10th, 1953.
BEARDSELL - To Mr. and Mrs. P: Beardsell (Bessie Cocker), a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, on April 17th, 1953.
WALKER - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker (Doris Brewer), a son, John Melvyn, on June 30th, 1953.
COUPLAND - To Dr and Mrs. R Coupland, a son, Michael Adam, on July 22nd, 1953.
JESSOP - To Mr. and Mrs H. Jessop (Margaret Mellor), a son, Richard Andrew, on September 24th, 1953.
GARNETT - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Garnett (Rosa Hirst), a daughter, on November 15th, 1953
LLOYD - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Lloyd (Connie Griffiths) a daughter, on December 2nd, 1953.
FAWTHROP - To Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Fawthrop (Annie Beardsell), a daughter, Susan Elizabeth, on March 20th, 1954.
HIRST - To Mr. and Mrs. R. Hirst (Marjorie Crowe), a son, Nigel Peter, on May 31st, 1954
FRETWELL - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Fretwell (Dorothy Walker), a daughter, Susan Ann, on April 5th, 1954.
MANN - To Fl/O. and Mrs. G. H. Mann (Dorothy Oates), a son, Christopher Paul, on June 2nd, 1954.


WALKER-WARD - Vernon A. Walker and Jose Ward, on June 13th, 1953.
PINDER-WHEELER - Kenneth Pinder and Shirley Wheeler, on July 28th, 1953.
TURNER-SMITH - J. Kenneth Turner and Nancy I. Smith, on August 13th, 1953.
BROOKE-GOODWIN - Colin S. Brooke and Maisie Goodwill, on September 10th, 1953.
MATHEWS-NOBLE - Leslie Matthews and Janet Noble, on September 19th, 1953.
ALPIN-DOLPHIN - Alan Alpin and Joan Mary Dolphin, on November 7th, 1953.
SWIRE-BROADBENT - Philip A. Swire and Freda Broadbent, on December 5th, 1953.
WHITWELL-GOLDTHORPE - W. E. Whitwell and Beryl O. Goldthorpe, December, 1953.
PARKINSON-SANDERSON - David Parkinson and Sheila Sanderson, on January 9th, 1954.
LANCASTER-JACKSON - George Lancaster and Nancy Jackson, on February 27th, 1954.
SANDERSON-MOUNTAIN - Derek Sanderson and Megan S. Mountain, on March 27th, 1954.
TAYLOR-CASS - Herbert Taylor and Edith M. Cass, on May 29th, 1954.
BROOKE-BROOK - Stanley S. Brooke and Stella Brook, on June 5th, 1954.
HODGSON-HOLT - Peter Hodgson and Christine Holt, on June 5th, 1954.
BROOKE-HOUGHTON - Donald Brooke and Betty Houghton, on June 26th, 1954.
PEACE-HOLMES - Donald Peace and Nancy Holmes, on July 10th, 1954.