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Mirfield Grammar School


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Every year the Grammar School produced its own magazine. I present here the issues for 1954 through to 1962.
These magazines were full of articles, prose and poetry that were the work of students at the school along with accounts of school trips. Sport and examination results were listed and also the Births, Marriages and Deaths columns which can bring back memories for a few of us.

Just a brief word or two of explanation may be helpful. The Grammar School taught Latin so it was inevitable that some Latin words would crop up in the magazines. Since I had to seek help to understand some of the headings (it is a long time since I was there after all) I will give a little help to those of you who may need it.

SALVETE means HELLO so this section is the intake of students for that year.
VALETE means GOODBYE so this is where you will find the school leavers.

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