Mirfield Grammar School Photographs

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Mirfield Grammar School
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Grammar School Photographs

The photos below can each be viewed in three sections. Click on the left, centre or right part of a photo to see that section.

May 1946

MGS 1946
Photo by courtesy of Peter Burton
MGS 1946 left MGS 1946 centre MGS 1946 right

April 1950

MGS 1950
Photo by courtesy of Gordon Bray
MGS 1950 left MGS 1950 centre MGS 1950 right

May 1954

MGS 1954
Photo by courtesy of Eric Ellis
MGS 1954 left MGS 1954 centre MGS 1954 right

Sept 1957

MGS 1957
Photo by courtesy of Kenneth H. Breare
MGS 1957 left MGS 1957 centre MGS 1957 right

Founder's Day 1960

MGS 1960
Photo by courtesy of Margaret Montegue-Watts (nee Lyons)
MGS 1960 left MGS 1960 centre MGS 1960 right
Click on the left, centre or right parts of the above photos for an enlarged image of that part.

For those who were not there, or as a reminder to those who were, I will go over how these photographs was taken. Although the pupils appear to be in a straight line they are actually arranged in an arc. The camera was positioned in the centre of the arc. When everything was ready we were told that the camera would traverse the arc and we were warned not to move when it was pointing at us. Despite this warning, one or two faces on these photos are blurred as a result of ignoring this instruction. When the camera was triggered it started at the left side and slowly scanned around the arc until it reached the other end. As the camera scanned the arc, the film inside the camera also moved so that each part of the picture was exposed onto a fresh part of the film. When developed, a long negative was produced from which the resulting print was made.


Class Photographs from May 1965

MGS Sports Teams and others that included MGS pupils

MGS senior XI 1954-55
click for larger image

MGS Senior XI 1954-55
Bronte Junior Football Team 1958
click for larger image

Bronte House Junior XI 1958
MGS Under 16s Football Team 1954-55 click for larger image
MGS Under 16s 1954-55
Bronte Senior Football Team 1959
click for larger image

Bronte House Senior XI 1959
MGS & a side Football Team trip to Isle of Man 1958
click for larger image

7 a Side Team 1958
Spen Valley Boys Team 1958 click for larger image
Spen Valley Boys 1958
year 3 hockey team click for larger image
Hockey Team 1953

The Spen Valley Boys' Team of 1958, shown above, beat teams from North Yorkshire, Leeds, Sheffield and others before losing to Hull after forcing a replay. In the Leeds team was Mike O'Grady (Leeds United and England). In the Hull team was Chris Chilton (Hull City).


Memories of the MGS 1955/56 First XI

By Stephen Mitchell

I would think that this was one of the most successful teams during that era. I remember Hector Young (sports master) warning us about Honley Grammar School. He said that they were the team to fear and if we lost by less than 5 goals he would consider that a success. Well we drew 3 all at home and I remember him being 'over the moon'. Away from home we drew 2 all and that was courtesy of some blatantly biased refereeing by the Honley master.

The school footballers were very good indeed. Many of us went on the play for Gilder Hall. In April 1957 no less than 7 players on the above photos were in the Gilder Hall team that beat Huddersfield Town Juniors twice in the Heavy Woollen Junior Trophy semi final and the League Cup Trophy final. the Town team contained such notables as Chris Balderstone (Town and Carlisle), Gordon Low (Town and Bristol City, for whom he played over 400 games), Clive Clark (who eventually played for WBA and England under 23s).

The ex-MGS players in the Gilder Hall team were: myself (Stephen Mitchell), David R. Wright, Tony Watts, Steve Middleton (capt), Harry Fretwell and Malcolm Wilcox. The score in the first game was 5-1 to us and in the second it was 3-2 to us.

Note from the webmaster: If anyone should happen to be the proud owner of a photograph of this 1955/56 first XI and would allow it to be used on this page then please email me.

MGS Speech Day 1952

MGS Speech Day

All students gathered in the main hall/gym facing the stage on Speech Day 1952. The photograph is taken from the stage and the double doors at the back of the room went through to the changing room and showers.