M.G.S. Magazine - July 1955

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MGS Magazine 1955
Sports Results


Coach—Mr. Young.
Hon Sec.—M. Wilcock.
1st XI.-K. Armitage.
U.15 XI.-D. Wroe.
U.14 XI.-M. Avison.

The club in its first season has functioned quite successfully and there has been general enthusiastic support from the members.

There has been one social activity-the Soccer Ball, which was held in the School Hall on Friday, Oct. 22nd. It was enjoyed by all present, and it is hoped that the good work will be carried on.

During the season the 1st XI. entered the Mirfield Athletic F.C. Knockout Competition, in which all members had an enjoyable time.

A lunch-time league was started by the club, including six junior teams and four senior teams. A Knock-out competition was held at the end of the season. The Juniors drew and the Senior winners were IV. Alpha.

The season was a satisfactory one for the teams.

Results were :—

F. A.
1st XI.
U.15 XI.
U.14 XI.

Three members of the 1st XI. had trials for the Huddersfield Schoolboys' Football Team.
School football colours were awarded to Donald Wroe, Middleton Wilcock and Woodhouse.


Limited to the Winter and Spring terms, the Gym Club provides for those who enjoy the contortions of advanced Gymnastics. Though our numbers are small, a high standard of performance has been reached in the Vaulting, but there is room for improvement in the work on the mat-agility. We put on two displays at School Dances last year, both of which were appreciated. M. Copley and C. Smith, two of our best Gymnasts, are now active members of the Leeds University Gym Club.



Now in our second year of activity we have developed a real enthusiasm in this branch of Physical Education. The foundations were laid with the Spen Valley Sports last year when we were narrowly defeated by Heckmondwike G.S.

During the past year a Cross-Country Section has been formed, and valuable experience was gained by the nucleus which made up the school teams. Our cross-country run is now firmly established as part of the school year, and saw 68 Juniors set out on their 2¾ mile course, and 45 Seniors depart on the Senior Course of 4½ miles. A. Brown set up a new course record, winning the event in 26 min. 43 sec.

The outstanding athlete has undoubtedly been Sykes, who has worked hard throughout the year. He was third in the Yorkshire Schools Discus, and has improved considerably on last year's performances. Well done, Mr. Universe 1984!!

From the Spen Valley Sports the following were selected to represent Spen Valley in the Yorkshire Sports:- David Wroe, Donald Wroe, M. Avison, K. Massey, V. Cockerill, D. Johnson, R. Sykes, P. Brook, T. Butler, A. Brown, Ann Dickinson, Gillian Martindale, Gwyneth M. Williams. P. Brook was placed 4th in the 100 yards.

Gwyneth M. Williams was placed 2nd in the Javelin.


In spite of irregular practice and matches the hockey teams have had an enjoyable and successful season winning all matches but one. Throughout the season there has been enthusiasm and determination which has resulted in good play. Let us hope this continues! Both teams have steadily improved and the second team shows great promise for next year.

The house matches, both Hockey and Netball, have been played with the same enthusiasm and the final results were very close. The standard of play improved in the matches played at the end of the Spring Term.

Our great disappointment was that the Batley Hockey Rally was cancelled owing to bad weather. Better luck next year!

The form Hockey matches were keenly contested. In the final the V. Form beat the IV. Form by one goal.

During the term Athletics have been very much in favour. Once again we finished second in the Spen Valley Inter-School Athletics. Next year more training is needed and an earlier start must be made. Our congratulations go to A. Dickinson, G. Martindale and G. Williams whose results in these sports entitled them to go up for the Yorkshire trials on June 6th, 1955.

This term only 2 Tennis and Rounder matches have been played. The rounders team have done well to draw and win their matches. The skeleton in our cupboard is the tennis results but with good weather and hard practice we may change scores of 21-60 to 60-21. Individual players have shown enthusiasm but bad weather has spoilt many practices and we are still hoping for better weather for our summer games.

1st XI.
  2nd XI.

First XI. : HOCKEY.
Goalkeeper—J. BURTON. A promising G.K. who keeps a clear head in face of attack,
Right Back—M. RICHARDSON. Positioning good but needs to hit harder and clear quicker.
Left Back—A. THWAITE. A steady player who needs a harder drive.
Right Half—B. WILBY. A promising player but sometimes lacks force and real enthusiasm.
Centre Half—K. APPLEYARD (Capt.) A reliable and enthusiastic member of the team.
Left Half—*R. HIRST. A reliable player-positioning good, footwork needs improvement in order to develop an accurate drive.
Right Wing—C. SKELLERN. A steady player who centres well at attacking end.
Right Inner—J. LISTER. A promising player who has well earned her place in the XI.
Centre Forward—*H. COX. Has produced some good hockey but style spoilt by continual use of reversed sticks.
Left Inner—A. THWAITE. A reliable player who still needs speed and force of attack.
Left Wing—*J. DODGSON. A promising player who tries hard to make the ball reach the person in the best position to shoot.
* Colours awarded.

Hockey 2nd XI. Left Half—A. Dyson (C. Elliott)
Goalkeeper—J. Fox. Right Wing—N. Greenoff.
Right Back—P. Carter. Right Inner—T. Ramsden (Capt.)
Left Back—G. Martindale. Centre Forward-*C. Walker.
Right Half—P. Hurst. Left Inner—*S. Eastlake.
Centre Half—V. Court. Left Wing—K. Huntingdon.
* Second XI. colours awarded.


Bowler—C. Paley (Capt.)
Back Stop—C. Elliott.
1 post—N. Greenoff.
2 post—Catherine Walker
3 post—A. Rennett.
1 Fielder—M. Walker.
2 Fielder—V. Armitage (J. Fox)
3 Fielder—V. Court.
4 Fielder—G. Martindale.


1st Couple—K. Appleyard (Capt.), H. Cox
2nd Couple—B. Wilby, A. Thwaite
3rd Couple—G. Williams, J. Burton


The day of the Cross-country run had arrived. The runners were Maddiman, Introbus, Chopp, Broadheadson, Layhen and How. The starter's gun roared and spurted acrid blue flame. Straight from the start Broadheadson led, with Chopp ten yards behind him. The track which they took was dry and dusty, and the scenery was magnificent. Halfway round, Layhen led and Maddiman was last, with Broadheadson third.

At the finish, Broadheadson was first, Chopp second, How third, Maddiman fourth, Layhen fifth and Introbus last.

The prize was a solid silver cup with a bottle of champagne in it. Broadheadson went up to receive it, shook hands with the Mayor and Mayoress, and came down the steps. All his friends patted him on the back as he walked towards the dressing room. He put the cup on the stand reserved for it. When he had dressed he came back for the cup, but it was gone.

The police were notified immediately and the hunt began. A little boy called Rooms had seen the thief and gave a fairly good description. He was a tall man with curly hair, thin, a fast runner and he had had the thumb of his left hand amputated.

The police looked in their files and found that the description was that of John Soames, wanted for robbery. Then the news came through that he was surrounded in a small hut. He defied the police until all his bullets were fired, then the police charged towards the hut. After breaking down the door they found Soames lying on the floor with a knife in his heart. He had committed suicide rather than be caught and hanged. The cup was there as well, untouched in the melee.

Later, Broadheadson remarked at home, "It's been a tough tussle, getting that cup."

G. BROADHEAD (1 Alpha).