M.G.S. Magazine - July 1955

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MGS Magazine 1955
Exam Results - Births, Marriages and Deaths





M. Copley; J. M. Dean; W. F. Leeves; P. Moorhouse; C. Smith; Kathleen Appleyard; Eileen Heywood; Winifred G. Middleton; Margaret Swallow.

D. B. Brook; W. F. Leeves; A. H. Alderson; D. Ambler; W. K. Armitage; G. Bray; P. J. Brook; A. E. Brown; R. A. Dawson; D. Haywood; R. Ledgard; R. Mallinson; D. Ordham; B. Ryan; T. Smith; E. M. Stead; G. Wilson; J. R. Woodhouse; Averil Bennett; Pauline Berry; Gwendoline R. Brown; Jean Hindle; Rachel A. Hirst; Marlene Holt; Patricia M. Midwood; Doreen Mosley; Miriam Mountain; Wendy P. Renshaw; Audrey H. Sheard; Judith M. Smith; Dorothy Sutcliffe.
B. H. Armitage; A. R. Hitchen; D. H. Johnson; R. Lucas; W. H. Price; F. Shaw; D. J. Shaw; G. L. Shepherd; T. Wright; Joan Ely; Marié Sinclair; Julie A. Taylor; Averil S. Thwaite; Brenda Wilby; T. Butler.


1 A.
Graham J. Smith
1 Alpha.
David G. Halliwell, Graham H. Heeley, David Liversidge
2 A.
Philip D. Senior.
2 Alpha.
Doreen Stringer, David Brook, T. Andrew Broadbent,
Judith M. Fox, James A. Ambler, Judith M. E. Scott.
3 A.
Margaret E. Peace.
3 Alpha.
David Wroe, Jean Whitehead.
4 Alpha.
Donald Wroe, David M. Williams.
5 A and
5 Alpha.
English; Geography; Domestic Science—Rachel A. Hirst.
History—Wendy P. Renshaw.
Art—Audrey H. Sheard.
French—Miriam Mountain.
Chemistry; Manual Instruction; Mathematics—Alan E. Brown.
Physics—David Ambler.English; Geography; Domestic Science—Rachel A. Hirst.
History—Wendy P. Renshaw.
Art—Audrey H. Sheard.
French—Miriam Mountain.
Chemistry; Manual Instruction; Mathematics—Alan E. Brown.
Physics—David Ambler.
6 Lower.
J. Keith Walker, Maureen Sheard.
6 Upper.
Peter Moorhouse, Margaret Swallow, Colin Smith.


Prizes presented by the Chairman of the Governors.
Head Boy—Peter Moorhouse, Head Girl—Margaret Swallow.
Samuel Walker Memorial Prizes—J. Michael Dean, Kathleen M. Appleyard.
William Todd Mathematics Prize—Colin Smith.
The E. M. Young Prize for the Spoken Word—Gwyneth Williams.
Physical Training Prizes—Malcolm Copley, Marlene Holt.
Games Prizes—Donald Wroe, Averil Bennett.
Swire Trophy (Sports)—Priestley House.
Balme Trophy (Games)—Thorpe House.

Births, Marriages and Deaths


GELDART—To Mr. and Mrs. Geldart (June Bracewell), a son, Alan Howard, on September 20th, 1954.
ELLIS—To Mr. and Mrs. J. Ellis, a daughter, Susan, on September 27th, 1954.
WALKER—To Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Walker, a daughter, Sally Ann, on October 15th, 1954.
PINDER—To Mr. and Mrs. K. Pinder, a son, Timothy Nicolas, on December 3rd, 1954.
FRANCIS—To Mr. and Mrs. 'Francis (Peggy Oldroyd), a daughter, Susan Lorraine, on December 6th, 1954.
ALLEN—To Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen (Edna Chambers), a daughter, Victoria Jane, on January 14th, 1955.
SANDERSON—To Mr. and Mrs. D. Sanderson, a daughter, Karen Julie, on January 26th, 1955.
GOODALL—To Mr. and Mrs. R. Goodal1, a son, David Alexander, on February 27th, 1955.
PEACE—To Mr. and Mrs. D. Peace (Nancy Holmes), a daughter, Elizabeth Mary, on April 12th, 1955
BALME—To Mr. and Mrs. S. Balme, a daughter, Judith Madeleine, on May 3rd, 1955.
MITCHELL—To Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell (Nancy Longbottom), a son, Timothy Robert, on May 3rd, 1955.
HALEY—To Mr. and Mrs. B. Haley, a son, Peter, on May 6th, 1955.
CRAWSHAW—To Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Crawshaw, a daughter, Anne, on May 1st, 1955.
GOODALL—To Mr. and Mrs. P. Goodall, a daughter, Caroline Mary Helen, on May 22nd, 1955.
MITCHELL—To Mr. and Mrs. B. Mjtchell (Winnie Milburn), a son, on May 30th, 1955.
BIRKETT—To Mr. and Mrs. Birkett (Kathleen Heaton), a son, Kevin Michael, on June 9th, 1955.


BROOK-HENRY—Martin H. Brook and Rjta Henry, on July 31st, 1954.
GREENWOOD-STEAD—Donald Greenwood and Cynthia M. Stead, on August 21st, 1954.
POWLES-SHEARD—Rex Powles and Mona Sheard, on September 3rd, 1954.
GARNETT-LISTER—S. Raymond Garnett and Margaret Lister, October, 1954.
TAYLOR-MEDLEY—Michael A. Taylor and Mary Medley, on December 4th, 1954.
BOLTON-ASTLEY—Roy Bolton and Mavis Astley, on December 11th, 1954.
HAMPSHIRE-STAFFORD—Jack Hampshire and Clara Stafford, on January 5th, 1955.
LONGSTAFF-WRIGHT—Brian Longstaff and Hilda Wright, on February 12th, 1955.
HAMPSHIRE-PEARSON—Thomas N. Hampshire and Norma Pearson, on February 12th, 1955
ELLAM-WILLIAMSON—Roy Ellam and Shirley A. Williamson, on February 19th, 1955.
AYLES-BLYTHE—James K. Ayles and Patricia Blythe, on March 16th, 1955.
BROOKE-GYOROG—David H. Brooke and Maria Gyorog, on April 9th, 1955.
HODGSON-ALLEN—Peter R. Hodgson and Constance AlIen, on April l0th, 1955.
BOOTH-SUNDERLAND—Harry Booth and Brenda Sunderland, on April 16th, 1955.
EARNSHAW-CLEAVER—Philip Earnshaw and Joan Cleaver, on May 28th, 1955.
BROADHEAD-HODGSON—Harry D. Broadhead and E. Margaret Hodgson, on May 28th, 1955.
SIDDALL-JOHNSON—John M. Siddall and Pamela Johnson, on June 11th, 1955.
McLEAN-ELLIS—William McLean and Joan Ellis, on June 4th, 1955.
UNSWORTH-LEECH—David Unsworth and Jennifer A. Leech, on June 18th, 1955.


SWIRE—Harry Greenwood Swire, on March 4th, 1955.
THORNES—John Charles Thornes, on March 16th, 1955. (M.G.S. 1903).
JOHNSON—David Trevor Johnson, on May 7th, 1955, (M.G.S. 1943-47).