M.G.S. Magazine - July 1957

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MGS Magazine 1957
Sports Results



This season was not one of the best for the school 1st XI. Of the 15 games played 2 were won, 11 were lost and 2 were drawn. Many games were lost because the team was too hesitant in its approach. Quite a number of defeats were by the odd goal, and many of these could have been turned into victories if the team as a whole had been more decisive in their actions. Nevertheless the team are to be complimented on their team spirit which never flagged throughout the whole season.

Colours were awarded to David Williams and Philip Senior, and re-awarded to David Wroe and Donald Wroe.

The Junior XI have an excellent record and throughout the season played forceful and attractive football. They played 14 games, won 11, drew 1 and lost 2; scored 82 goals against 23 by their opponents.

It would be unfair to select individuals for special praise, because success was due entirely to excellent team work.

Special praise for David Wroe who again efficiently discharged the duties of secretary, and also on being chosen to play for Yorkshire Grammar Schools. The Football Cup, presented by the prefects, was won for the first time by Thorpe.


The junior and senior cross country races were run at the end of the Easter Term and the combined results are as follows :

Bronte 146 points Priestley 218 points Thorpe 287 points

In the senior competition Brown was again the winner, and the junior competition was won by David Laycock.

As a result 0£ the Spen Valley Schools' Athletics Meeting we were again placed third in competition with the two larger Grammar Schools. Although we were unable to improve on last year's position we were able to reduce the margin in points considerably. Our ability to score a greater number of points was due to the success of the competitors who took part in the field events. All these competitors gained points for their school.

Congratulations to David Wroe (Javelin) David Laycock (440 yards) Graham Smith (Weight) who have been chosen to represent Spen Valley at the Yorkshire Schools Athletic Meeting at Keighley.


Although the season is still young the signs are that the teams will enjoy reasonable success. The 1st XI, again captained by Donald Wroe, have won one game and drawn the other. The 2nd XI have won both their games.

The success of the teams so far is due to the keenness of the players, many of whom play in local junior and senior sides during the week.

At the end of the Easter Term the Sports Clubs organised a very successful dance in the School Hall. Our thanks are extended to Miss Jeffery, Rachel Hirst and their contingent of girls who again provided us with an excellent supper.



Results of 1st and 2nd Elevens
1st XI
2nd XI
School v. Batley
Won 7-0
Won 5-1
School v. Brighouse
Won 5-3
Won 4-1
School v. Elland
Won 10-1
School v. Honley
Draw 0-0
Draw 2-2
School v. Morley
Won 5-1
Won 3-1
School v. Cleckheaton
Won 2-1
Draw 0-0
School v. Heckmondwike
Lost 0-1
Won 5-2
School v. Sowerby Bridge
Won 6-0
School v. Wheelwright
Won 5-2
Won 3-1
School v. Brighouse
Won 4-3
Won 3-2
School v. Cleckheaton
Lost 5-4
Won 3-2
School v. Honley
Won 2-1
Won 2-0
School v. Heckmondwike
Draw 1-1
Won 2-1


C. JACKSON (Goal)—Promising, but more anticipation needed
*M. WALKER (R. Back)—A strong defence player. Positioning good and drives hard to the forward line.
G. MARTINDALE (L. Back)—Positioning quite good. Has a good drive to the forward line. Stickwork needs attention.
*C. ELLIOTT (R. Half)—Tackles and positions well, but needs greater speed.
*V. COURT (C. Half)—Has given constant and energetic support to the forward line. A strong defence player.
R. HIRST (L. Half)—A good drive and a steady, reliable player.
*C. PALEY (R. Wing)—Has developed a strong drive, powerful shot and good speed.
J. LISTER (R. Inner)—A good attacking player, who has made many goals possible.
*C. WALKER (C. Forward)—Combines well with forwards. Has scored many goals by speed and good stick work.
N. GREENOFF (L. Inner)—Fast, but on receiving the ball must learn to control, and deal with it decisively.
C. ELLIOTT. (L. Wing)—Greatly improved. Needs more speed, but shoots and follows up well.
*1st XI Colours awarded-Congratulations!!

On the whole a successful season, but to remain unbeaten, good teamwork, and attack are essential.

The 1st XI began by playing well as a team, towards the end of the season however, the team spirit seemed to dwindle, and there did not seem to be the same will to win. In comparison the 2nd XI played quite well as a team and towards the end of the season had developed quite a good game.

In the 2nd XI, colours were awarded to P. Brook, M. Brook, E. Goodall and J. Fox.

House Hockey
Senior Hockey won by Bronte
Junior Hockey won by Thorpe

The greater part of the Summer Term is devoted to athletics and this year we are proud to be sending G. Martindale, N. Ellis, C. Wroe and H. Tudor to represent Spen Valley in the Yorkshire Trials.

Tennis Team
1st VI—C. Elliott (Captain), J. Renton, V. Court, G. Martindale, J. Lister F. Hepworth.

Rounders Team
(B.) J. Daniels, (B.S.) K. Holt, (1p.) C. Armitage, (3p.) D. Norgate (4p.) G. Jackson (Captain), (1f.) P. Sutcliffe, (2f.) J. Egglestone, (3f.) J. Camp, (4f.) H. Butler.
For the first time this year the V and VI forms have been allowed to play tennis on the Town Courts during their games periods. This is a big step towards improving the standard of tennis in the team and I hope this new venture will be continued in the seasons to come.
The Rounders teams are showing great enthusiasm though their results are not excellent in some cases. They are playing extremely well in the newly formed Dewsbury and District Rounders Tournament where they are tying for first place.