M.G.S. Magazine - July 1957

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MGS Magazine 1957
Exam Results - Births, Marriages and Deaths


West Riding County Major Scholarship—Alan E. Brown, Rachel A. Hirst
West Riding Exhibitions—Adrian H. Alderson, David Ambler
West Riding Bursary—W. Keith Armitage
Sir Richard Arkwright Scholarship in Textiles—David Ambler
Richard Thorpe Exhibition—John N. Wood
W. R. County Continuation Scholarship (Architecture)—Tony Smith

G.C.E. Advanced Level.
*Adrian H. Alderson, *.David Ambler, W. Keith Armitage, Gordon Bray, David B. Brook, Peter J. Brook, *Alan E. Brown, John N. Wood, John R. Woodhouse, *Rachel A. Hirst, Wendy P. Renshaw, Dorothy Sutcliffe, Julie A. Taylor, Averil S. Thwaite, Gwyneth M. Williams.

G.C.E. Ordinary Level.
Form VI (Supplementary):-Gordon Bray, Trevor Butler, Barry Shaw, David Shaw, Gwendoline R. Brown, Frances A. Hepworth, Jean M. Lister, Marie Sinclair.

Form V Alpha:-Michael E. Avison, Michael Batty, Kenneth M. Breare, Ian R. Gunson, John M. Haigh, Rodney Marriott, Kenneth E. Massey, David B. Milner, Stephen Mitchell, John Pinder, Barry Riding, Malcolm Shaw, David Walker, Robert B. Wills, David Wright, David R. Wright, David Wroe.
Evanne E. Bleakley, Angela M. Dyson, Carol J. Elliott, Helen C. Jackson, Patricia E. Kershaw, Diana J. Monk, Mary Parkinson, Margaret E. Peace, Claire Skellera, Rudolphina E. M. Thramer, A. Kathryn Wood.

Form V A:-Michael Bowness, Peter G. Butler, Melvin Cameron, David Clegg, Harry Fretwell, David S. Hinchcliffe, Kenneth B. Holmes, David M. B. Smith, Roger Sykes, Barry Symons, Ian P. Womack, C. Martin Woodhouse, Sandra Eastlake, Elizabeth F. Jury.


Form I A—Sandra Firth
Form I Alpha—Irene Franklin. Aileen Slater
Form II A—Robin Driver
Form II Alpha—Rowland Dawson, David B. Laycock
Form III A—Norma Ellis
Form III Alpha—Graham M. Heeley, David G. Halliwell
Form IV A—Patricia Kingswell
Form IV Alpha—Doreen Stringer, David Brook

G.C.E. "O" Level:—
Diana J. Monk—English Literature, History, Latin, Domestic Science.
A. Kathryn Wood—English Language, English Literature, Domestic
David Wroe—Geography, Chemistry, Biology Science
Carol J. Elliott—French, Latin, Domestic Science
John Pinder—Mathematics, Physics
Kenneth E. Massey—Art
Patricia E. Kershaw—Domestic Science

Form VI Lower—Richard M. Darley, Donald Wroe
Form VI Upper—Alan E. Brown, Rachel A. Hirst

Prizes presented by the Chairman of the Governors.
Head Boy—John N. Wood, Head Girl—Gwyneth M. Williams.
Samuel Walker Memorial Prizes—David B. Brook, Rachel A. Hirst.
William Todd Mathematics Prize—Gordon Bray.
The E. M. Young Prize for the Spoken Word—David Ambler.
The Geoffrey Stead Prize—Rachel A. Hirst.
Physical Training Prizes—David Wroe, D. Carolyn Walker.
Games Prizes—Donald Wroe, Jean M. Lister.
Swire Trophy (Sports)—Bronte House.
Balme Trophy (Games)—Thorpe House.

Births, Marriages and Deaths


June 20. To Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Walker, a son, Jonathan
June 21. To Mr. and Mrs. France (Betty Cass), a son, Richard
July 16. To Mr. and Mrs. Eric Charlesworth (Mary Kershaw), a son, John
July 31. To Mr. and Mrs. R. Fanner (V. Elsie Horrocks), a daughter, Jane
Sept. 25. To Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Stephenson (Pat Hirst), a son, Eric Michael
Dec. 2. To Mr. and Mrs. R. Marshall, a son, Neil Andrew

Jan. 12. To Dr. and Mrs. H. R. Alpin (Betty G. Thirkill), a daughter, Fiona Jane
Jan. 13. To Mr. and Mrs. D. Broadhead (Margaret Hodgson), a daughter, Susan Lesley
Jan. 31. To Mr. and Mrs. V. Hey (Pauline Oates), a son, David Roger
Feb. 9. To Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Rowland, a daughter, Helen
Feb. 25. To Mr. and Mrs. A. Alpin, a daughter, Carol Joy
Feb. 26. 26. To Mr. and Mrs. A Frank (Gabrielle W. Price), a son, Richard David
Feb. 26. To Mr. and Mrs. R. Ellam (Shirley A. Williamson), a daughter, Avena Elizabeth
Mar. 3. To Mr. and Mrs. L. Wild (Mavis D. Barker), a daughter, Pamela Jane
Mar. 7. To Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Hampshire, a daughter, Jane
Mar. 10. To Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Dixon (Pauline Bolton), a son, Peter John
April 3. To Mr. and Mrs. Birkett (Kathleen Heaton), a son, Trevor Graham
May 1. To Mr. and Mrs. R. Ashbury (Margaret Brewer), a daughter, Suan Margaret
May 14. To Drs. R. G. and S. A. Hepworth, twin sons
May 15. To Mr. and Mrs. I. Lloyd (Connie Griffiths), a daughter, Rachel
May 16. To Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Barrowclough, a daughter, Rosalind Anne
May 18. To Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Wilkinson (Patricia Jackson), a daughter, Amanda Jane
May 21. To Mr. and Mrs. B. Longstaff, a daughter, Janet Rachel

We regret the following omissions in the last issue of the Magazine:
Sept. 28. To Mr. and Mrs. B. Pilling, a son, John Christopher
Mar. 7. To Mr. and Mrs. W. Crosland, a daughter, Angela Jane
April 27. To Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Barker, a daughter, Frances Chloe


BEDFORD-MELLOR—Brian Bedford to Kathleen Mellor on July 21st, 1956
MOWBRAY-LANCASTER—Peter Mowbray to Brenda Lancaster on July 28th, 1956
CHISEM-DAVIES—Bryan Chisem to Margaret Davies on August 11th, 1956
DAWSON-HARDY—Robert A. Hardy to O. Mary Dawson on August 20th, 1956
BRIERLY-MARSHALL—John Martin Brierly to Sheila Marshall on August 25th, 1956
GREENBANK-ANSTEE—David Greenbank to Rosemary Anstee on September 1st, 1956
TAYLOR-GALLON—Harry Taylor to Elizabeth M. Gallon on September 1st, 1956
BARKER-WORMALD—Tom Barker to Nancy Wormald on September 1st, 1956
GOODALL-PEARSON—John Keith Goodall to Audrey Pearson on September 1st, 1956
GIBSON-TROTTER—Albert H. Gibson to Doreen Trotter on September 8th, 1956
MANN-NETHERWOOD—John K. Mann to Joan Netherwood on September 22nd, 1956
COWDELL-LAYCOCK—John B. Cowdell to Maureen Laycock on October 27th, 1956
SKILBECK-BREWER—Raymond Skilbeck to Marion E. Brewer on December 15th, 1956
BRUMMITT-DYSON—Colin Brummitt to Mary Dyson on December 22nd, 1956
SALTON-DRANSFIELD—Leslie Salton to Jean Dransfield on December 29th 1956
COOKE-GRAINGER—Stanley G. Cooke to Gladys Grainger on December 29th, 1956
SMITH-CLAYTON—Harry Smith to Betty Clayton on January 12th, 1957
MORRIS-HOLMES—Jack Morris to Elaine Holmes on January 19th, 1957
SMITH-APPLEYARD—Peter Smith to Joyce M. Appleyard on January 26th 1957
CROWTHER-LEDGARD—Gordon Crowther to Christine Ledgard on February 23rd, 1957
BARKER-GARBUTT—Tony Barker to Evelyn Garbutt on March 2nd, 1957
THORNES-BENSON—John W. Thornes to Shirley Benson on March 5th, 1957
DUTTON-CROWTHER—Keith Dutton to Norma Crowther on March 12th, 1957
HOPWOOD-SMITH—Norman Hopwood to Joan M. Smith on April 16th, 1957
RANDS-DONNOR—Nelson Rands to Dorothy M. Donnor on April 20th, 1957
LOCKWOOD-SIMPSON—Walter Lockwood to Jean M. Simpson on April 27th, 1957
ROGERS-ASHER—H. Derrick Rogers to Celia D. Asher on May 25th, 1957

We regret the following omission in the last issue of the Magazine:
BEER-HEALEY—Anthony Beer to Susan Healey on March 27th, 1957


THORNTON—J. Norman Thornton (M.G.S. 1900-1909), August8th, 1956
SWIRE—Robert Swire (M.G.S. 1914-1919), October, 1956
WOOD—Sydney Wood (M.G.S. 1927-31), November 11th, 1956
WALKER—H. Dyson Walker (M.G.S. 1881), November 12th, 1956
ELLIOTT—Frank Elliott (M.G.S. 1920-24), February 2nd, 1957
GARFORTH—Gladys M. GARFORTH (M.G.S. 1907), February, 1957
WALKER—Gerald O. H. Walker (M.G.S. 1930-36),April 11th, 1957