M.G.S. Magazine - July 1958

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MGS Magazine 1958
Sports Results


An excursion headed by Mr. Salton and Mr. Jones set off on Saturday, April 26th for Wembley. Leaving Mirfield at 7-25 a.m., we arrived at King's Cross at 11-40 a.m.

After lunch we set off to Wembley by tube. Alighting from the tube we were met by the twin towers of Wembley looming up ahead of us. After enjoying the community singing, the excitement grew to fever height. To a rousing cheer the teams came out and at 3-0 p.m. they kicked off. It turned out to be an entertaining match enjoyed by the whole of the 90,000 strong crowd.

Returning to our rooms at the Leicester Hotel, we had tea and then set off to the Empire Pool, Wembley for Ice Hockey. We saw the Wembley Lions beat the Brighton Tigers by 4 goals to 2. Then it was back to the Leicester Hotel and bed.

We awoke to a sunny morning and set off on a tour of London by coach. We had a very interesting morning, stopping at Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square. We had lunch and wandered around Hyde Park until 2-0 p.m. After making our way back to King's Cross, we set off back at 3-0 p.m. arriving at Wakefield; we were rushed by taxi to Kirkgate from Westgate, and we stepped off the train at Mirfield at 8-20 p.m.

Many thanks must go to Mr. Salton and Mr. Jones for a well organised and enjoyable trip to Wembley.

A. Stephenson (4 Alpha)


High Jump, Boys (11-13) 1. H. Davies (P); 2. M. Jessop (B); 3. R. Hampshire (B)
  (13-15) 1. J. Whittaker (T); 2. I. Land (T); 3. A. Crawshaw (P)
  (15-17) 1. T. Freeland (B)
High Jump, Girls (11-13) 1. I. Ledgard (B); 2. E. Dugdill (T); 3. M. Dugdill (T)
  (13-15) 1. D. Leonard (T); 2. V. White (B); 3. S. Wild (T)
  (15-17) 1. M. Brook (B); 2. K. Holt (P); 3. M. Peckson (P)
Cricket Ball, Boys (11-13) 1. C. Ibbotson (B); 2. N. Wilson (B); 3. C. Brotherton (P)
Rounders Ball, Girls (11-13) 1. M. Cooper (P); 2. J .Fairburn (T); 3. J. Pickles (T)
Long Jump, Boys (11-13) 1. N. Wilson (B); 2 R. Robertson (T); 3. P. Watson (B)
  (13-15) 1. A. Stephenson (B); 2. A. Crawshaw (P); 3. D. Barraclough (B)
  (15-17) 1. J. Terry (T); 2. G. Wood (B); 3. M. Bottomley (B)
  (over 17) 1. D. Wroe (B); 2. M. Dodgson (B); 3. R. Wills (T)
Long Jump, Girls (11-13) 1. I. Ledgard (B); 2. S. Atkinson (T); 3. M. Hirst (P)
  (13-15) 1. H. Tudor (T); 2. P. Sutcliffe (T); 3. G. Heywood (B)
  (15-17) 1. N. Ellis (T); 2. M. Walker (B); 3. D. Barker (P)
Boys Discus (13-15) 1. A. Cost (P); 2. J. Gregory (B); 3. R. Draper (B)
  (15-17) 1. V. Cockerill (B); 2. A. Fearnley (T); 3. G. Smith (B)
  (over 17) 1. D. Wroe (B); 2. M. Shaw (T); 3. K. Breare (P)
Girls Discus (13-15) 1 C. Taylor (P); 2. J. Eggleston (P); 3. C. Stocks (B)
  (15-17) 1. C. Haigh (P); 2. S. Clarke (T); 3. E. Goodall (T.)
Boys Javelin (13-15) 1. G. Pickles (B); 2. J. Whittaker (T); A. Gudgeon (B)
  (15-17) 1. V. Cockerill (B); 2. M. Knowles (B); 3. D. Halliwell (P)
Girls Javelin (13-15) 1. B. Ainley (B); J. Eggleston (P); 3. J. Camp (P)
  (15-17) 1. J. Rayner (T); 2. C. Haigh (P); 3. C. Richardson (P)
Javelin, Boys (over 17) 1. D. Wroe (B); R. B. Wills (T); 3. M. Dodgson (B)
Shot, Boys (13-15) 1. A. Cost (P); 2. G. Pickles (B); 3. J. Gregory (B)
  (15-17) 1. G. Wood (B); 2. G. Smith (B); 3. M. Allen (P)
  (over 17) 1. D. Wroe (B); 2. R. B. Wills (T); 3. M. Batty (T)
880 yds., Boys (13-15) 1. G. Sowerby (P); 2. M. Tearne (T); 3. G. Pickles (B)
  (15-17) 1. D. Halliwell (P); 2. K. Haikings (P); 3. G. Barrow (B)
1 mile, Boys (15-17) 1. C. Brant (B); 2. S. Hinchliffe (P); 3. R. Williams (T)
220 yds., Boys (11-13) 1. H. Grason (P); 2. A. Smith (B); 3. B. Dunderdale (T)
  (13-15) 1. A. Stephenson (B); 2. G. Sowerby (P); 3. R. Hudson (P)
  (15-17) 1. M. Knowles (B); 2. M. Bottomley (B); 3. D. Liversedge (P)
  (over 17) 1. D. Wroe (B); 2. M. Shaw (T); 3. C. R. Healey (P)
440 yds., Boys (11-13) 1. H. Davies (P); 2. A. Blacker (B); 3. P. Hatfield (T)
  (13-15) 1. D. Clayton (T); 2. M. Tearne (T); 3. G. Bowker (B)
  (15-17) 1. D. Laycock (P); 2. D. Halliwell (P); 3. C. Brant (B)
  (over 17) 1. C. R. Healey (P); 2. P. D. Senior (T); 3. M. H. Dodgson (B)
100 yds., Boys (11-13) 1. H. Davies (P); 2. M. Jessop (B); 3. H. Grason (P)
  (13-15) 1. A. Stephenson (B); 2. G. Sowerby (P); 3. R. Hudson (P)
  (15-17) 1. M. Knowles (B); 2. M. Bottomley (B); 3 R. Dawson (T)
  (over 17) 1. D. Wroe (B); 2. M. Shaw (T); 3. R. B. Wills (T)
150 yds., Girls (11-13) 1. A. Booth (B); 2. E. Watham (P); 3. R. Ison (P)
  (13-15) 1. G. Heywood (B); 2. D. Leonard (T); 3. M. Carter (T)
  (15-17) 1. N. Ellis (T); 2. M. Walker (B); 3. A. Wilson (B)
100 yds., Girls (11-13) 1. I. Ledgard (B); 2. A. Booth (B); 3. R. Ison (P)
  (13-15) 1. H. Tudor (T); 2. S. Wild (T); 3. G. Heywood (B)
  (15-17) 1. N. Ellis (T); 2. A. Fairs (B); 3. S. Clarke (T)
Hurdles, Girls (11-13) 1. S. Atkinson (T); 2. D. Dorgan (P); 3. B. Waterhouse (P)
  (13-15) 1. H. Tudor (T); 2. R. Pick1es (P); 3. A. Slater (B)
  (15-17) 1. A. Fairs (B); 2. J. Daniels (P); 3. M. Brook (B)
Hurdles, Boys (11-13) 1. A. Blacker (B); 2. R. Maughan (T); 3. R. Midwood (P)
  (13-15) 1. P. Hampson (T); 2. D. Barraclough (B); 3. I. Land (T)
  (15-17) 1 T. Freeland (B); 2. D. Liversedge (P); 3. M. Lockwood (B)
Relay, Girls (11-13) 1. Bronte; 2. Priestley; 3. Thorpe
  (13-15) 1. Thorpe; 2. Bronte; 3. Priestley
  (15-17) 1. Thorpe; 2. Bronte; 3. Priestley
Relay, Boys (11-13) 1. Priestley; 2. Bronte; 3. Thorpe
  (13-15) 1. Bronte; 2. Priestley; 3. Thorpe
  (15-17) 1. Bronte; 2. Priestley; 3. Thorpe
  (over 17) 1. Thorpe; 2. Priestley; 3. Bronte
Final Results
1st—Bronte 478½ 2nd—Priestley 380½ 3rd—Thorpe 380


The 1957-58 season was a very successful one for the Junior XI's. The U15's XI, besides playing normal Saturday morning matches, played for the first time in the Spen Valley Schools League. This proved to be a very successful venture for at our first attempt we managed to win all the three trophies that are competed for. They are the League Championship Shield, the League Cup and the "Daily Dispatch" Shield.

The team was well captained by Alan Stephenson, and all who played showed ability and determination.

Well done, U.15's! It was a magnificent achievement.

At the beginning of the season trial matches, were held to select a team to represent Spen Valley in the English and Yorkshire Shield Competitions. As a result of these trials eight boys from our U.15 XI were chosen, and all were awarded Spen Valley Badges, The boys were. Anthony Armitage, Michael Knowles, Stanley Ellis, David Laycock, Ian Calvert, Barry Hirst, Kenneth Wilkinson and Alan Stephenson, who captained Spen Valley Boys. They had a good run in both competitions reaching the 3rd round of the English and the semi-final of the Yorkshire.

Special congratulations must be extended to Michael Knowles who obtained a County cap against Lancashire, to Anthony Armitage who was reserve goalkeeper for Yorkshire, to Alan Stephenson who was a County Trialist and to David Wroe, our 1st XI captain, who was chosen to play for the Football Association Colts XI.

The U.14 XI won all the games they played and it is hoped they will do as well next year when, as U.15's, they will be defending the trophies that we won this year.

The 1st XI did not have such a successful season as the juniors. Nevertheless all who played showed great determination, and were most unfortunate on numerous occasions to lose very close games.

1st XI
U.15 XI
U.14 XI
U.13 XI

As a result of the House matches played at Christmas and Easter, Bronte House emerged as winners with 13 points, Priestley were second with 8 points and Thorpe third with 3 points.


This year the Inter-House Athletics meeting was held in May. The standards achieved were slightly higher than in previous years, many excellent times and distances being recorded.

As a result of the meeting all competitors who gained 1st or 2nd places were chosen to represent the School in the Spen Valley Schools Athletics Meeting.

The Inter-House Athletics resulted in a win for Bronte House who gained 478½ points. Priestley and Thorpe fought very hard for second place, Priestley winning with 380½ points to Thorpe's 380 points.

The School had quite a few notable successes in the Spen Valley Athletics Meeting although we could not improve on third place.

The following boys and girls were chosen to represent Spen Valley in the Yorkshire Schools Athletics.

Alan Stephenson—Under 15 100 yards and relay
Michael Knowles—15-17 yrs. Javelin and relay
David Wroe—17-19 yrs. Javelin
Ann Fairs—15-17 yrs. Hurdles and relay
Hazel Tudor—Under 15-Hurdles
Norma Ellis—15-17 yrs. 100 yards and relay


The season is only a few weeks old and it is difficult to pass judgment on so few games. All games played to date have resulted in wins for the School teams. If the teams can keep this up we look like having a very successful season.

More boys wish to play than there are places and this should ensure a high standard.

It is true to say that the standard of performance in games has risen tremendously this year. This is due entirely to the enthusiasm shown by the boys who have represented the School this year. It is hoped that all who play in future years will try to emulate their example.



This has not been a very good hockey season. The weather was very unkind and as a result many matches had to be cancelled. A number of changes were made in all three teams which in itself was unsettling and therefore a good team spirit was lacking. Next season should show fewer changes and result in teams capable of winning all their matches.

The Schools' area Trials were held at Wakefield and two of the 1st XI, Carolyn Walker and Christine Elliott were chosen as reserve for the team. At the Batley Rally this year our 1st XI did well in spite of the shocking conditions!

No colours were awarded this season.

House Hockey
Senior Hockey won by Thorpe
Junior Hockey won by Priestley


This year, Sports Day was held earlier than usual and so athletics was the main activity after the Easter holiday. A number of girls in the Junior School are very enthusiastic and I hope most sincerely that they will keep this enthusiasm up when they reach the Senior School. Again we have three girls representing Spen Valley in the Yorkshire Trials. They are: Norma Ellis. Ann Fairs and Hazel Tudor. We are very proud of them and wish them success on June 14th.


1st XI Carol Elliott (Captain). Carolyn Walker. Margaret Sykes. Barbara Noble, Janet Milnes, Diana Norgate.

For the second year running the Vth and VIth forms have been allowed to play tennis on the Town Courts. Unfortunately they have only been able to take advantage of these once this term because of the bad weather. Many girls in the lower girls are showing a keen interest in the game and I hope that with their help it will be possible to build up a good tennis standard throughout the school.


(B) J. Daniels, (B.S.) Kay Holt, (1p) Mavis Cooper, (2p) R. Helliwell, (3p) P. Buckley (4p) Helen Butler, (1d) P. Sharpe, (2p) J. Eggleston (3p) J. Camp

Only one rounders team has been formed so far this term but it is hoped to form an under 13 team after half term so that once again two school teams can join in the Dewshury and District Rounders Tournament.