M.G.S. Magazine - July 1958

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MGS Magazine 1958
Exam Results - Births, Marriages and Deaths


State Scholarships: A. E. Brown, J. C. Carter, Rachel A. Hirst
West Riding County Major Scholarship—G. Bray, R. M. Darley, J. C. Carter
West Riding Exhibitions—L. Sheard, D. W. Williams, Donald Wroe
West Riding Bursary—P. J. Brook
Gas Development Council Scholarship—Donald Wroe
Civil Service, Executive Class—J. T. Wilson

G.C.E. Advanced Level:
*G. Bray, P. J. Brook, **A. E. Brown, *J. C. Carter, **R. M. Darley, B. Shaw, *L. Sheard, M. Sinclair, D. W. Williams, J. T. Wilson, Donald Wroe, Frances A. Hepworth, *Rachel A. Hirst, Jean M. Lister, Margaret D. Richardson.


G.C.E. Ordinary Level:
Form VI (Supplementary): J C. Carter, W. H. Price, D. W. Williams, R. B. Wills, C. M. Woodhouse, Evanne E. Bleakley, Patricia E. Kershaw, Margaret E. Peace, Margaret D. Richardson.
Form V Alpha: J. M. Allen, T. A. Broadbent, D. Brook, V. Cockerill, M. H. Dodgson, T. Fearnley, A. L. Hough, B. Kelly, N. G. Lawrence, R. W. Lynn, D. R. Matthews, M. Maughan, D. Oates, P. D. Senior, A. Smith, K. Stead, B. Symons, Patricia Binns, E. Ann Burnett, Eileen M. Crisp, Judith M. Fox, Edith Gomersall, Nora Greenoff, Patricia Kingswell, Ann Lodge, Gillian Martindale, Carolyn Paley, Jennifer Renton, Judith M. E. Scott, Mary F. Shaw, Doreen Stringer, Catherine M. Walker, Vilma J. Wilson.
Form V A: D. Armitage, J. Barrow, C. R. Healey, K. Hinchliffe, B. Howells, S. M. Kitchen, A. D. Oxley, M. Peace, M. C. Pearson, E. R. J. Savage, J. M. Walker, J. S. Walker, Janet Armitage, Valerie Court, Christine M. Elliott, Linda M. Gee, Brenda Kaye, Jennifer Lawton, Patricia R. Medley, Rosalind Shepley, Valerie Smith, Christine M. Taylor, D. Carolyn Walker.
Form IV Alpha: D. G. Halliwell, G. M. Heeley.


Form I A:
A. Crawshaw, J. Booth
Form I Alpha:
Paula Weddell, M. D. Bawcutt, B. D. Newman, R. G. Robertson
Form II A:
Sandra Firth
Form II Alpha:
Irene Franklin, Kay Holt, J. R. Smith, Aileen Slater
Form III A:
Wendy Blackburn
Form III Alpha:
D. B. Laycock, Margaret E. Walker, R. Dawson
Form IV A:
A. Fearnley
Form IV Alpha:
D. G. Halliwell, G. M. Heeley, Elizabeth Brook
Form V:
Doreen Stringer-English Language, English Literature, Geography, Latin, French, Physics, Biology
D. Brook-Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
P. D. Senior-History
E. R. J. Savage-Art
Valerie Court-Domestic Science
VI Lower:
David Wroe, Carol J. Elliott
VI Upper:
A. E. Brown, J. C. Carter, R. M. Darley, Rachel A. Hirst, G. Bray, Donald Wroe, L. Sheard, D. W. Williams

Prizes presented by the Chairman of the Governors

Head Boy - Donald Wroe —— Head Girl - Rachel A. Hirst
Samuel Walker Memorial Prize: A. E. Brown, Margaret D. Richardson
The Jeffery Memorial Medals for Meritorious Work: A. E, Brown, Rachel A. Hirst
William Todd Mathematics Prize: R. M. Darley
Geoffrey Stead Geography and Geology Prize: Rachel A. Hirst
E. M. Young Prize for the Spoken Word: Frances A. Hepworth
Physical Training Prizes: C. M. Woodhouse, Norma Ellis
Games Prizes: David Wroe, D. Carolyn Walker
Swire Trophy (Sports): Bronte House
Balme Trophy (Games): Bronte House

Births, Marriages and Deaths


June 18. To Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Turner, a son James Richard
June 24. To Mr. and Mrs. D. Sanderson, a son, Christopher J.
June 28. To Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hardy, a daughter, Lesley Jane
Aug. 10. To Mr. and Mrs. B. Beaumont, a son, Simon Andrew
Aug. 10. To Mr. and Mrs. H. Taylor (Edith Cass), a daughter, Andrea Margaret
Sept. 13. To Mr. and Mrs. Burrow (Jean Hall) a daughter, Ruth Clare
Sept. 22. To Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Radcliffe, a son, Paul
Sept. 28. To Mr. and Mrs. Chisem (Margaret Davies), a son, Martin Laurence
Oct. 5. To Mr. and Mrs. D. Greenbank (Rosemary Anstee), a son, Andrew
Oct. 31. To Mr. and Mrs. G. Mann, a son, Simon Charles
Nov. 11. To Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Cooke, a son, Christopher Gordon
Dec. 10. To Mr. and Mrs. R. Booth, a daughter, Judith Alison

Jan. 5. To Mr. and Mrs. Bedford (Kathleen Mellor), a daughter, Katrina Joy
Jan. 28. To. Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Barker, a son, Carl Norris
Jan. 28. To Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brierley (Sheila Marshall), a son, Paul
Apr. 5. To Mr. and Mrs. J. Charnock, a son, Richard John
Apr. 6. To Mr. and Mrs. G. Walker, a son, Peter James
May 10. To Mr. and Mrs. Brooke, a son, Shawn Neil
May 16. To Mr. and Mrs. K. Pinder, a son, Adrian Francis
May 27. To Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Wrist, a Son, Christopher Philip

We regret the following omission in the last issue of the magazine.
June 12. To Mr. and Mrs. Austin (Vera Haigh), a son, John Anthony


KITCHEN-GOLDTHORPE—John M. Kitchen to Shirley Goldthorpe, June 9th, 1957
THORNTON-KIRK—Richard Thornton to Frances E. Kirk, June 12th, 1957
WINFIELD-MILTON—Kenneth Winfield to Brenda Milton on June 22nd, 1957
SMITH-BLAKELEY—Alan Smith to Elizabeth Blakeley on July 27th, 1957
ROBINSON-MURPHY—David Robinson to Gwenneth Murphy on August 10th, 1957
MOORHOUSE-PORTER—William Moorhouse to Kathleen Porter on August 17th, 1957
SHEARD-HINDMARCH—Michael J. R. Sheard to Pauline Hindmarch on Aug. 30th, 1957
CLEGG-MIDWOOD—Eric Clegg to Winifred Midwood on August 31st, 1957
BOWER-NORTON—Ian Bower to Mollie J. Norton on September 25th, 1957
NOBLE-CHRISTER—David Noble to Marjorie Christer on October 5th, 1957
LEDGARD-TURNER—Colin Ledgard to Christine Turner on October 19th, 1957
HOLLAND-APPLEYARD—Brian J. Holland to Avril Joy Appleyard on Oct. 19th, 1957
WILSON-SHEARD—John P. Wilson to Maureen Sheard on February 22nd, 1958
WEBB-RAMSDEN—Alan Webb to Shirley Ramsden on March 29th, 1958
SHOTTON-PATTINSON—Kenneth Shotton to Shirley Pattinson on April 26th, 1958
WALTON-MIDWOOD—Neil Walton to Maureen Midwood on May 24th, 1958


BERRY—Fred Berry (M.G.S. 1936-1957) 21st June, 1957
JEFFERY—The Rev. Charles, A. Jeffery (Governor for 30 years) 17th July, 1957
WOOD—George Wood (M.G.S. 1921-26) 11th August, 1957