M.G.S. Magazine - December 1961

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MGS Magazine 1961
Sports Results

1st XI
This was another excellent season in which the team lost only one game. The team trained and played hard throughout the season and their success was well deserved. Team spirit was again a decisive factor in many of their victories.
At Christmas a training session was held for a week at Wheelwright G.S. by George Ainsley (F.A. Coach). This concluded with a drawn match against Leeds United Juniors in which Whit taker, Knowles, Crawshaw, Stephenson and Whitehead played.
Knowles and Stephenson were County Trialists again this year and congratulations must go to Knowles on being picked for the County side.
Colours were awarded to Barraclough, Bowker, Crawshaw and Whittaker.
The season again concluded with the Annual Reunion Dinner.

1st XI
v. Heckmondwike
Won 2-1 v. Batley
Won 3-0
v. Almondbury Lost 1-2   v. Elland Won 2-0
v. Royds Hall Won 9-2   v. Rastrick Won 5-0
v. Rastrick Won 7-1   v. Almondbury Won 2-1
v. Elland Won 7-1   v. Sowerby Bridge Won 1-0
v. Ossett
Won 7-1   v. Royds Hall Won 10-1
v. Colne Valley Won 5-2   v. Carlton Drawn 1-1
v. Thornes House Won 1-0   v. Ossett Drawn 2-2


House Matches
Bronte won the Football Cup by 13 pts. to 11 pts. from Priestley. It was an exciting struggle, the result depending upon the last match.

1st XI
Bad weather was responsible for the cancellation of many matches, including that against the Parents, this season, but in all those played the 1st XI were victorious. They were well led by Dawson who was ably supported by Lamb.
Colours were awarded to Dawson, Lamb, Stephenson and Barraclough.

School 60 for 6; Thornes House 59 for 7.
School 81 for 2;
Colne Valley 78 for 8.
School 161 for 3; Heckmondwike 66.
School 161 for 3; Heckmondwike 66.
School 101 for 9; Elland 77 for 7.
School 38 for 6; Royds Hall 37.
School 156 for 4; Wakefield Diocesan Clergy 98 for 7.

Junior XI
This was a successful reason also. Out of the seven matches played the team lost only two. An outstanding performance was by Blacker for the U.15s against Thornes House when he took seven wickets for no runs.

House Matches
The Cricket Cup was shared by Bronte and Priestley after Bronte had won their last match by one run.

Once again the School finished third in the Spen Valley Schools Athletics Meeting. We are at a disadvantage here as our numbers of pupils are small compared with the other schools.
As a result of this meeting the following were chosen to represent Spen Valley in the Yorkshire Schools' Athletics:—
Graham Smith Shot.  
Michael Knowles Javelin.  
John Whittaker Javelin.  
Richard Hudson Long Jump and Relay.  
Christine Mellor Hurdles.  
In the Inter-House Athletics Brontë were clear winners. Outstanding performances were by the following:—
Girls' Senior Athletic Champion Maxine Pecksen.
Girls' Junior Athletic Champion Margaret Handley.
Boys' Senior Athletic Champion Michael Knowles.
Boys' Junior Athletic Champion John James.


An U.13 team was established in the Autumn of 1960 and had quite a successful season, The team competed in the Spen Valley League and was placed fourth out of eight schools competing. The best individual performance was that of James, who finished second out of fifty runners in the final League race.

In the Easter Term an U.14 team was also organised and, though this was not as successful, there were good individual performances, notably by Carter and Oldroyd.

This season, U.13 and U.15 teams have been organised and both have opened their account with excellent victories against Whitcliffe Mount G.S. and Colne Valley High School. Particularly gratifying is the fact that several very promising first-year boys have come forward. Regular practice should ensure a successful season.

Much of the success is due to the enthusiasm of Mr. Pugh.


The hockey results this season were satisfactory, although out of 39 arranged fixtures 24 were cancelled.

The 1st XI won 4 and lost 3.
The 2nd XI won 2 and lost 2 with 1 draw.
The U.15 XI won 1 and lost 2.

Kay Holt was Captain with Jill Daniels as Vice-Captain. Maxine Pecksen was Games Secretary.


The first team did not have a very good season this year owing to frequent team changes. The second team, however, had an equal number of successes and failures.

Jill Daniels was the Tennis Captain with Susan Yates as Vice-Captain.
The 1st XI won 2 and lost 6.
The 2nd XI won 2 and lost 2.


This was a very good season for the rounders team. They managed to win six matches and only two were lost.


A section was formed about a year ago and continues to flourish. We play in the School Hall on Thursday evenings, 7-30 p.m. Anyone interested do come and join in with the rest.


At twelve o'clock on Friday, 28th April, a bus drew up at our School, to take a party of forty-three boys and masters on a week-end visit to London.

We set off on our journey to Wakefield, and then on to Doncaster, Newark, Grantham, Stamford and then on to Bedford where we had tea at the Granada Restaurant. After our meal, at 6-15 p.m. we returned to the bus for the remainder of our journey to London. By 8 o'clock we were almost in London, and at quarter to nine we were at the "Rodney Hotel." After we'd found our room and left our bags we were allowed out until a quarter to ten. We then returned and went to bed.

It was half past seven, when we were eating breakfast that I really awoke. After breakfast we went to the Zoo at Regents Park.

After a very enjoyable morning we went to our hotel for lunch, but soon after 1 o'clock we were on our way to Wembley for the Schoolboy International Football Match, between England and Wales. We were there by half past two, and, after a sing-song, the match started. It was a very good match, in which England won 8-1.

After the game we sailed down the River Thames past Cleopatra's Needle and other great sights. After the cruise, back to our hotel, and to bed until seven o'clock next morning. We had breakfast at half-past seven and then we went to London Airport for the morning. After an enjoyable tour round we were allowed up on to the Queen's Building at London Airport where we had a very good view of all the big aeroplanes.

At a quarter to twelve we went on to Windsor for lunch and had half an hour to do what we liked.

After a very enjoyable lunch we carried on home through Northampton along the M1 for sixty miles and on to Leicester for tea. After tea home via Doncaster and Wakefield.

A most enjoyable weekend for all.



Cricket Ball, Boys (11-13) 1. Shaw (P); 2, Barraclough (B); 3, Halmshaw (T).
Rounders Ball, Girls (11-13) 1. P. Jessop (P); 2. S. Schofield (B); 3, S. Firth (B).
Boys' Javelin (13-15) 1. Brotherton (P); 2, Briggs (B); 3, Swift (B).
  (15-17) 1. Booth (B); 2, Watson (B); 3, Milner (P).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B); 2, Whittaker (T); 3, Dawson (T).
Girls' Javelin (13-15) 1. C. Wood (B); 2, S. Morton (P); 3, S. Golder (B).
  (Over 15) 1. K. Holt (P); 2, J. White (B); 3, E. James (P).
Boys' Discus (13-15) 1. Swift (B); 2, Brady (T); 3, Rhodes (T).
  (15-17) 1. Cost (P); 2, Mi1ls (T); 3, Bowker (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Smith (B); 2, Whittaker (T); 3, Gregory (B).
Girls' Discus (13-15) 1. A. Wilson (B); 2, E. Davies (T); 3, E. Williams (P).
  (15-17) 1. M. Pecksen (P); 2, S. Barker (T); 3. G. Bloom (P).
Boys' Shot (13-15)
1. Hampshire (B); 2, Brady (T); 3, Thornton (P).
  (15-17) 1. Cost (P); 2, Talbot (P); 3, Haigh (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Smith (B); 2, Gregory (B); 3, Whittaker (T).
High Jump, Boys (11-13) 1. James (T); 2, Senior (T); 3, Lamb (B).
  (13-15) 1. Haigh (P); 2, Maughan (T); 3, Pa1mer (B).
  (15-17) 1. Barraclough (B); 2, Crawshaw (P); 3. Bawcutt (T).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B); 2, Whittaker (T); 3, Crawshaw (P).
High Jump, Girls (11-13) 1. M. Handley (T); 2, H. Leitch (B); 3, G. Ashpool (T).
  (13-15) 1. W. Bates (P); 2, B. Barraclough (B); 3, M. Rose and E. Davies (T).
  (Over 15) 1. M. Carter (T); 2, E. Dugdill (T); 3, A. Slater (B).
Long Jump, Boys (11-13) 1. Thompson (B); 2, Pecksen (T); 3, Broadhead (B).
  (13-15) 1. Palmer (B); 2, Smith (B) and Shuffiebottom (P).
  (15-17) 1. Hudson (P); 2, Smith (B); 3, Ely (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Stephenson (B); 2, Dawson (T); 3, Knowles (B).
Long Jump, Girls (11-13) 1. Y. Dickinson (B); 2, R. Schofield (T); 3, H. Leitch (B).
  (13-15) 1. P. Pogson (B); 2, B. Myers (T); 3, E. Wattam (P).
  (Over 15) 1. M. Dugdill (T); 2. I. Ledgard (B); 3, E. Dugdill (T).
1 mile, Boys (13-15) 1. Carter (B); 2, Wallace (P); 3, Oldroyd (B).
  (15-17) 1. Talbot (P); 2, Wilson (P); 3, Nicholson (T).
  (Over 17) 1. Crawshaw (P); 2, Dawson (T); 3, Whitehead (B).
Hurdles, Girls (11-13) 1. M. Handley (T); 2, J. Walker (B); 3, S. Schofield (B).
  (13-15) 1. C. Mellor (T); 2, E. Williams (P); 3, H. Broadhead (P).
  (Over 15) 1. A. Slater (B); 2. M. Pecksen (P); 3, M. Carter (T).
Hurdles, Boys (11-13) 1. James (T); 2, Lamb (B); 3, Ha1mshaw (T).
  (13-15) 1. Maughan (T); 2, Smith (B); 3, Haigh (P).
  (15-17) 1. Barraclough (B); 2, Crawshaw (P); 3, Denton (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Kendall (B); 2, Crawshaw (P); 3, Nicholson (P).
100 yards, Girls (11-13) 1. C. Binns (B); 2, G. Ashpool (T); 3, B. Richards (P).
  (13-15) 1. A. Booth (B); 2, P. Pogson (B); 3, C. Mellor (T).
  (Over 15) 1. M. Pecksen (P); 2, I. Ledgard (B); 3, M. Dugdill (T).
100 yards, Boys (11-13) 1. James (T); 2, Broadbead (B); 3, Horsley (T).
  (13-15) 1. Varley (P); 2, Shufflebotham (P); 3, Ramsden (B).
  (15-17) 1. Hudson (P); 2, Barraclough (B); 3. Dunderdale (T).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B); 2, Stephenson (B); 3, Crawshaw (P).
880 yards, Boys (13-15) 1. Carter (B); 2. Maughan (T); 3, Easingwood (B).
  (15-17) 1. Smith (B); 2, Talbot (P); 3, Paley (T).
  (Over 17) 1. Laycock (P); 2, Nicholson (P); 2, Stansfield (B).
440 yards, Boys (13-15) 1. Easingwood (B); 2, Brady (T); 3, Varley (P).
  (15-17) 1. Smith (B); 2, Bawcutt (I); 3, Paley (T).
  (Over 17) 1. Laycock (P); 2, Crawshaw (P); 3, Whittaker (T).
150 yards, Girls (11-13) 1. M. Handley (T); 2, C. Binns (B); 3, G. Ashpool (T).
  (13-15) 1. A. Booth (B); 2, A. Wilson (B); 3, B. Myers (T).
  (Over 15) 1. A. Slater (B); 2, 1. Ledgard (B); 3, M. Dugdill (T).
220 yards, Boys (11-13) 1. Lamb (B); 2, Peace (T); 3, Pagdin (P).
  (13-15) 1. Smith (B); 2, Randall (T); 3, Thornton (P).
  (15-17) 1. Hudson (P); 2, Bawcutt (T); 3, Wills (T).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B); 2, Stephenson (B); 3, Dawson (T).
220 yards, Girls (Over 15) 1. M. Carter (T); 2, A. Maughan (P); 3, K. Holt (P).
Relay, Girls (11-13) 1. Tborpe; 2, Brontë; 3, Brontë.
  (13-15) 1, Brontë; 2, Priestley; 3, Thorpe.
  (Over 15) 1. Thorpe; 2, Priestley; 3, Brontë.
Relay, Boys (11-13) 1. Thorpe; 2, Brontë; 3, Thorpe.
  (13-15) 1. Brontë; 2, Priestley; 3, Priestley.
  (15-17) 1. Brontë; 2, Thorpe; 3, Priestley.
  (Over 17) 1. Brontë; 2, Thorpe; 3, Priestley.

1st—Brontë 542½
2nd—Thorpe 446
3rd—Priestley 316½