M.G.S. Magazine - December 1961

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MGS Magazine 1961
Exam Results - Births, Marriages and Deaths


G.C.E. Advanced Level:
B. A. Coultas (C., B.); J. R. Crawshaw (C., ,B.); R. Crawshaw (P., C., B.); I. Crowther (H., G., Gl.); R. Dawson (P., C., B.); R. Driver (C., B.); R. W. Holt (C., B.); R. A. Kendall (B.); D. A Lamb (E.Lit., H., G.); D. B. Laycock (M., P., C.); H. Robinson (M., P.); E. I. Shaw (G., Gl.); G. J. Smith (B., Gl.); D. A. Stephenson (G., M.); D. J. Stephenson (B.); B. Whitehead (H., G., Gl.); Nancy ,Holroyd (E.Lit., G.); Sheila Non Jones (E.Lit., H., G.).

G.C.E. Ordinary Level:
Form VI Lower (Supplementary): J. A. Whittaker (B); Jennifer A. Avison (M., D.Sc., 'B'); Rona M. Butterworth (G., M., P.H); Mary Carter (P.H., D.Sc., 'B'); Judith M. Fairs (P.H.); Pat L. Greenald (H. D.Sc., 'B'); Elizabeth Haigh (P.H., D.Sc., 'B'); M. Ann Kirkwood (S.K., A.); Maxine L. Pecksen (B); Henrietta M. Smeaton (G., P.H.).

Form V Alpha: D. Barraclough (A); M. D. Bawcutt (E.Lang., E.Lit., Mus., F., P., C., B.); J. Booth (E.Lit., B.); R. M. Broadbent (E.Lang., Mus., M., P., C.); A. G. Crawshaw (G., B.); K. H. Davies (E.Lang., E.Lit., M., P., B.); R. Ely (E.Lang., G., L., F., M., P., C., B.); J. A. Gregory (P., C.); D. Haigh (F., M., P., B.); I. Land (G., B.); K. S. Lindley (M., P.); J. H. Milner (E.Lang., G.); B. D. Newman (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., L., F., P., C., B.); J. A. R. Nicholson (M., P., C.); S. G. Nixon (E.Lit., G., P.); R. J. Robertson (E,Lang., E.Lit., G., L., F., M., P., C., B.); A. Smith (G., M., P., C., B.); R. Styring (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., A., M., P.); P. Watson (E.Lang'., F.); L. A. Whiteley (M., P.); E. G. Wills (E.Lang., G., F.); Susan V. Atkinson (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., S.K., F.); Margaret P. Balmforth (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., A., F., D.Sc.); Pat A. Denton (E,Lang., E.Lit., Mus., F., D.Sc.); Enid M. Hey (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., F., B.); Janet M. Holt (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., B.); Pauline Knowles (E.Lang., H., F.); Pauline M. Lockwood (E.Lang., G., L., F., B.); Angela M. Maughan (G., P.); Pat A. Newton (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., F., B.); Margaret F. Porritt (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., A., F., DSc.); Gwendoline Stead (E.Lit., H., G., S.K., F., B., DSc.); Lyn M. Westerby (E.Lang., E.Lit., F., B., D,Sc.); Janet C. Wood (E,Lang., E.Lit., G., F., M., B., D.Sc.); Susan M. Yates (S.K., B.).

Form VA: P. Coates (E.Lang., A.); E. N. Denison (G., M., C.); J. W. Rogers (H., G.); K. A. Shaw (E.Lang., M., P., B.); Glynis J. Bloom (H., A., D.Sc.); Carol M. Brearley (B., D.Sc.); Janet F. Fairbum (E.Lit.); Margaret Gospel (E.Lang., E.Lit.); Marjorie E. Howarth (E.Lit.); Elizabeth M. James (E. Lang., E.Lit., S.K., A., D.Sc.); Susan Kingswell (E.Lang., B.); Isobel C. Ledgard (E.Lit., A.); Norma Liversidge (E.Lang.); Rona Senior (E.Lang.); Paula Steel (E.Lang., E.Lit., B., D,Sc.); Elaine M. Taylor (E.Lang., B.); Jennifer L. White (E.Lit., G.); Sheena F. Wild (E.Lang., E.Lit., B., D,Sc.).

Key: C.-Chemistry; P.-Physics; M.-Mathematics; H.-History; B.-Biology; G.-Geography; GI.-Geology; E.Lang.-English Language; E.Lit.-English Literature; F.-French; L.-Latin; A.-Art; Mus.-Music; S.K.-Scripture Knowledge; P.H.-Physiology; D,Sc.-Domestic Science; D.Sc. 'B'-Domestic Science (Needlework).

Births, Marriages and Deaths


Nov. 4 - To Mr. and Mrs. M. Tarr (Jennifer Burton), a son, Jeremy Bradbury.
Nov. 19 - To Mr. and Mrs. E. Lockwood (Hazel Healey), a daughter, Joanna.
Nov. 24 - To Mr. and Mrs. R. Ellam (Shirley Williamson), a daughter, Elaine Margaret.
Nov. 27 - To Dr. and Mrs. K. A. Salmon (Miss I. Cunningham), a son.

Dec. 3 - To Mr. and Mrs. D. Peace (Nancy Holmes), a daughter, Catherine Ann.
Dec. 19 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Marwood (Margaret Wilson), a daughter, Alison Jane.
Dec. 22 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Wilson (Maureen Sheard), a son, John.

Feb. - To Mr. and Mrs. K. Hodgson (Barbara Holt), a son.
Feb. - To Mr. and Mrs. D. Greenbank (Rosemary Anstee), a daughter, Rachel Lynn.
Feb. 22 - To Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mallinson, a son, Paul.

Mar. 17 - To Mr. and Mrs. E. Darley, a son, Matthew.
Mar. 26 - To Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Hodgson, a daughter, Susan Frances.

Apr. 10 - To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodall, a son, Alastair.
Apr. 11 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Smith (Joyce Appleyard), a son.
Apr. 23 - To Capt. and Mrs. Ian B. Copley, a daughter, Sarah.
Apr. 26 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Naylor (Winifred Heeley), a son, David Mark.

May 24 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Berry (Sheila Lloyd), a daughter.

June 3 - To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shotton, a daughter, Tracy Ann.

July 1 - To Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moorhouse, a son.
July 5 - To Mr. and Mrs. G. Brook (Pat Dyson), a daughter, Tracy Elizabeth.
July 30 - To Mr. and Mrs. Philip Garnett, a son, Andrew Philip.

Aug. 8 - To Mr. and Mrs. K. Winfield (Brenda Milton), a daughter, Julie Diane.
Aug. 12 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Brooks (Margaret Dyson), a son, Andrew Richard.

Sept. 29 - To Mr. and Mrs. A. Edkins (Margaret Ingham), twin sons, Kenneth Michael and Geoffrey Neil.

Oct. 21 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Roebuck, a son, Andrew John.
Oct. 29 - To Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Brook, a daughter, Elizabeth Sarah.

Nov. 1 - To Mr. and Mrs. R. Ellis, a daughter.
Nov. 9 - To Mr. and Mrs. M. Stewart, a son, Paul Jonathan.
Nov. 19 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Atha (Patricia Crowther), a daughter, Jean Margaret.


FLETCHER-GREENHALGH—Robert A. Fletcher to Valerie Greenhalgh, November 19th, 1960.
NEWTON-WILLANS—George I. Newton to Marian Willans, December, 1960.
WROE-LISTER—Donald Wroe to Jean Lister, December 17th, 1960.
DYSON-SCHOFIELD—P. Derek Dyson to Christine A. Schofield, February 9th, 1961.
CASTLE-LAMB—George Castle to Jean Lamb, March 3rd, 1961.
MEDLEY-HOLMES—David Medley to Beryl Holmes, March 11th, 1961.
THORNTON-JAGGER—Charles Thornton to Lois Jagger, March 30th, 1961.
WOODCOCK-COX—Geoffrey Woodcock to Hilda Cox, April 4th, 1961.
BURNYEAT-PALEY—Malcolm Wm. Burnyeat to Carolyn Paley, May 23rd, 1961.
AMBLER-GIBBS—David Ambler to Avril Gibbs, July 8th, 1961.
BUCHANAN-TAYLOR—Eric Buchanan to Julie A. Taylor, July 29th, 1961.
BATTYE-DYSON—Michael Battye to Angela M. Dyson, August 5th, 1961.
ROLLINS-WILLIAMS—Kay Rollins to Gwenyth M. Williaills, August 9th, 1961.
AMBLER-CALAM—David Ambler to Joyce Calam, August 24th, 1961.
BOLTON-JACKSON—Peter Bolton to Helen C. Jackson, August 26th, 1961.
CORLEY-WALKER—Stanley Corley to Marjorie Walker, August 26th, 1961.
ALLEN-PARRY—James Allen to Kathleen Parry, August 26th, 1961.
GREENBANK-BINNS—Stuart Greenbank to Dorothy Binns, September 2nd, 1961.
COPLEY-PEACE—Malcolm Copley to Margaret E. Peace, September 2nd, 1961.
LEE-BROOK—William G. Lee to Marie Brook, September 2nd, 1961.
SMITH-WOOLLER—Stanley Smith to Maureen Wooller, September 2nd, 1961.
DAWSON-PALFREMAN—Richard A. Dawson to Mary E. Palfreman, September 7th, 1961.
FIRTH-BERRY—Peter Firth to Judith Berry, September 9th, 1961.
PARRY-SHEARD—N. Glyn Parry to Connie Sheard, September 18th, 1961.
LIVERSIDGE-ELIAS—Keith Liversidge to Gaynor Elias, September 23rd, 1961.
BALMFORTH-HAIGH—John Balmforth to Christine Haigh, October 28th, 1961.
POCKLINGTON-SHARP—B. Douglas Pocklington to Joan Sharp, October 28th, 1961.
ARMITAGE-BUTLER—Anthony S. Armitage to Helen E. Butler, November 4th, 1961.
KETTLEWELL-LODGE—Brian C. Kettlewell to Ann Lodge, November 17th, 1961.


Dec. 1960—Denis Morgan (M.G.S. 1927-1934).