M.G.S. Magazine - December 1962

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MGS Magazine 1962
Exam Results - Births, Marriages and Deaths

The following have begun University Courses this year:
Bangor AILEEN M. SLATER (Botany)
Durham A. J. FINEL (French)
Leeds J. R. SMITH (Engineering) T. KITSON (Geography)
London R. W. HOL T (Microbiology)
King's College, Newcastle D. A. STEPHENSON (Geography)
Nottingham IRENE FRANKLIN (Pharmacy)
Dip. Tech. and London External Degree Courses:
Bradford B. A. COUL T AS (Applied Biology) G. STANSFIELD (Civil Engineering)
Sunderland G. C. ALDERSON (Biology)
Training College entrants:
Northern Counties MARY CARTER (Housecraft)
Liverpool JENNIFER A. AVISON (Housecraft) PATRICIA L. GREENALD (Housecraft)
Margaret McMillan, Bradford HENRIETTA M. SMEATON
St. Paul's, Cheltenham M. KNOWLES

JUDITH M. FAIRS has begun her Nursing career at Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children; SUSAN M. YATES is taking a Catering Demonstration Course at the Elizabeth Gaskell College, Manchester; HAZEL M. TUDOR is studying Librarianship at Huddersfield; ELIZABETH HAIGH has joined the Midland Bank and J. WHITTAKER has lent his weight to the W.R. Police.

University Awards this year include:
Durham M. SHAW, B.Sc. Gen. Class I. V. COCKERILL, B.A. Hons. Class III (Geography)
London A. ALDERSON, B.Sc. Hons. Class II (Economics)
Manchester D. BROOK, B.Sc. Hons. Class I (Mathematics) T. A. BROADBENT, B.Sc. Hons. Class II (Physics)
Nottingham DOREEN STRINGER, B.Pharm. Hons. Class I

DOREEN STRINGER was this year awarded a SANDOZ Prize for her work in Pharmacy at Nottingham University.

DAVID G. HALLIWELL has won his College Prize for First Year Mechanical Sciences, at St. Catharine's College, Cambridge.

DAVID B. LAYCOCK has won the ACKROYD Prize for First Year Engineering at Leeds University.


G.C.E. Advanced Level:
G. C. Alderson (C., B.); B. A. Coultas (P., Z.); A. S. Finel (G.S., E.Lit., F., L.); R. W. Holt (P., C., Bot.) T. Kitson (G., Gl., M.); M. Knowles (G.); J. R. 8mith (M., P.); G. Stansfield (M.); D. A. Stephenson (G., Gl., M.); Jennifer A. Avison (B., Hct.); Judith M. Camp (H.); Mary Carter (E.Lit., B., Hct.); Judith M. Fairs (E.Lit., F., H.); lrene Franklin (P., C., B.); Elizabeth Haigh (B., Hct.); Rosemary Halliwell (A.); Kathleen Holt (C., B.); M. Ann Kirkwood (E.Lit., A.); Vivienne E. Paltridge (G.S., E.Lit., G.); Maxine L. Pecksell (G.S., E.Lit., F.); Aileen M. Slater (C., B.); Hazel M. Tudor (E.Lit., F.).

G.C.E. Ordinary Level:
Form VI (Supplementary): Judith M. Camp (G.); Vivienne E. Paltridge (Gl.); Maxine L. Pecksen (P.H.); A. Smith (L.); Patricia A. Denton (D.Sc.'B'); Enid M. Hey (D.Sc.'B', Gl.); Gwendoline Stead (E.Lang, Gl.); Paula Steel (H. P.H.); Lyn M. Westerby (P;H.); Sheena F. Wild (H., P.H.).

Form V Alpha: A. Blacker (H., A.); J. Booth (G., C.); J. Briggs (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., A., L., F., M., P., C.); A. G. Crawshaw (E.Lang., F., P., C.); T. Downs (E.Lit., G., F., M., P., C., B.); B. Dunderdale (H., G., F.); H. G. Grason (E.Lit., G., F., M., C., B.); D. Halstead (E.Lit., G., F., M., P., C., B.); B. Highe (E.Lang., A., F., M., P., C.); J. Millls (E.Lit., G., L., F., M., P., C., B.); J. H. Milner (,H.); J. R. Paley (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., A.); R. A. Rose (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., A., F., M., P., W.W.); G. P. Stancliffe (H., B.); R. Sykes (F., M); J. Varley (E.Lang., H., G., L., F., M., C., B.); H. Walsh (E.Lit., H., G., A., M.); E. G. Wills (M., C.); A. R. Wilson (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., S,K., A., F., M.); Christine Armitage (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., A., F., M.); Janet Armitage (F., M.); Sylvia Barker (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., F., B.); Anne Booth (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., Mus., L., F., C., B.); Christine E. Brady (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., S.K., F., C., B.); Elizabeth Dugdill (H., G., M., D,Sc.); Patricia M. Franks (E.Lang., Mus., F., M., P., B.); Rowena Ison (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., L., F., A.); Janet Mitchell (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., F., B.); Dulcie W. Parfitt (E.Lang., H., G., A., ,F.); Doreen Scargill (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., G., F., C., B.); Sylvia E. Thornton (E.Lang., E.Lit., H., L., F., M., C., B., D.Sc.); Audrey Walker (E.Lang., H., G., F., M., C., B.); P. Margaret Wilkins (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., A., F.); Elizabeth B. Wi11i!lms (E.Lit., Mus., F., M., B.).

Form VA: C. Brotherton (G., A., W.W.); A. Denton (G., A.); R. F. Heath (A.); R. A. Maughan (B); C. G. Parry (H., G., B.); D. Pinder (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., B.); J. W. Rogers (E,Lang., E.Lit., F.); M. C. Walker (B., W.W.); J. Wroe (E.Lang., E.Lit., G., H., B.); Margaret Dugdill (H., G., A. D.Sc.); Sandra E. Kilburn (A.); Christine J. Peace (H., F.); Jill P. Rayner (A.);Andrea R. Tunningley (A.); Helen Walker (A.).

Key: C.—Chemistry; P.—Physics; M.—Mathematics; H.—History; B.—Biology; G.—Geography; F.—French; L.—Latin; A.—Art; E.Lang.—English Language; E.Lit.—English Literature; Mus.—Music; S.K.—Scripture Knowledge; P.H.—Physiology and Hygiene; Gl.—Geology; G.S.—General Studies; Bot.—Botany; Z.—Zoology; W.W.—Woodwork; Hct.—Housecraft; D.Sc.—Domestic Science; D.Sc.'B'.—Domestic Science (Needlework).

Births, Marriages and Deaths


July 26th, 1961 to Professor and Mrs. J. Nutting, a son, Peter
Nov. 18 - To Mr. and Mrs. Tony Barker, a son, Michael Richard.

Feb. 6 - To Mr. and Mrs. A. Gibson (K. Whitelegg), a daughter, Lucy Victoria Mary.
Feb. 10 - To Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Skilbeck, a daughter.
Feb. 19 - To Mr. and Mrs. L. Salton, a daughter, Jennifer Lesley.

Mar. 6 - To Mr. and Mrs. K. Wood (Ann Dickinson), a daughter, Karen Lesley.
Mar. 6 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Taylor, a daughter, Carolyn Dawn.
Mar. 7 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Clegg (Gaynor Smith), a son, Darren Mark.
Mar. 22 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Jaggar, a son, Richard Neil.
Mar. 23 - To Mr. and Mrs. T. Smith (Valerie Court), a son, Nicholas Shane.
Mar. 26 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Mowbray (Brenda Lancaster), a daughter, Jane Elizabeth.

Apr. 2 - To Mr. and Mrs. Antony Armitage, a daughter, Deborah Jane.
Apr. 27 - To Mr. and Mrs. D. Robinson (Gwenneth Murphy), a son, Daniel Paul.

May 13 - To Mr. and Mrs. K. Goodall, a daughter, Lorna Helen.
May 14 - To Rev. and Mrs. E. Buchanan (Julie Taylor), a son, Paul Andrew.
May 20 - To Mr. and Mrs. W. Lockwood, a daughter, Karen Rachel.
May 22 - To Mr. and Mrs. Webb (Shirley Ramsden), a daughter, Carolyn Ruth.
May 24 - To Mr. and Mrs. G. Greenwood, a daughter, Jane Margaret.
May 24 - To Mr. and Mrs. E. Cooper (Hilda Hesp), a daughter.

June 1 - To Mr. and Mrs. C. Thornton, a daughter, Judith Mary.
June 2 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Dawson, a daughter, Elizabeth.
June 19 - To Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Jones, a son, Hugh Stewart.
June 19 - To Mr. and Mrs. Walton (Maureen Midwood), a son, David Neil.

July 13 - To Mr. and Mrs. E. Darley, a daughter, Rebecca.
July 25 - To Mr. and Mrs. Knowles (Renee Hoyle), a son, Andrew John.
July 29 - To Mr. and Mrs. L. Chandler (Evelyn Boothroyd), a son, Robert.
July 31 - To Mr. and Mrs. Wooltorton (Eileen Goodall), a daughter, Alison Lesley.

Aug. 8 - To Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Scorah, a son, David.
Aug. 9 - To Mr. and Mrs. E. Lockwood (Hazel Healey), a daughter, Julia Margaret.
Aug. 22 - To Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (Christine Berry), a daughter, Andree.
Aug. 22 - To Mr. and Mrs. D. Ambler, a daughter, Melanie.
Aug. 24 - To Major and Mrs. M. J. R. Sheard, a son, James Robert John.
Aug. 25 - To Mr. and Mrs. Hammerton (Nora Greenoff), a son, Paul.

Oct. 11 - To Mr. and Mrs. A. Cashdan, a daughter, Sarah Jane.


WILLIAMS-MIDWOOD—Graham Williams to Patricia A. Midwood, December 11th, 1961.
GUNSON-HILLS—Ian R. Gunson to Elaine Hills, February 4th, 1962.
SMITH-BURNETT—Trevor Smith to Anne Burnett, February 24th, 1962.
BROWN-BATTYE—Alan E. Brown to Edna Battye, March 3rd, 1962.
WILLS-ANSTEE—Robert B. Wills to June Anstee, March 9th, 1962.
CASS-SENIOR—Maurice Cass to Ann Senior, March 24th, 1962.
WILLIAMS-SINCLAIR—Robert P. Williams to Marie Sinclair, March 31st, 1962.
WALKER-WELLS—David Walker to Patricia M. Wells, March 31st, 1962.
LINDLEY-MILNER—David Lindley to Daphne M. Milner, April 3rd, 1962.
FITTON-ELY—John Fitton to Joan Ely, April 14th, 1962.
THORP-EASTLAKE—Brian Thorp to Sandra Eastlake, June 9th, 1962.
CLAYTON-WILSON—Billy Clayton to Vilma J. Wilson, June 30th, 1962.
ALDERSON-BEARD—Adrian Alderson to Catherine M. Beard, July 7th, 1962.
HOYLE-HICKMAN—Derek Hoyle to Rita Hickman, July 28th, 1962.
SAWYER-BROWN—John Sawyer to Gwendoline R. Brown, August 4th, 1962.
WILLIAMS-HEPWORTH—David B. Williams to Frances A. Hepworth, August 4th, 1962.
CHADWICK-LAWTON—E. Chadwick to Jennifer Lawton, August 8th, 1962.
ARMITAGE-ARMITAGE—Colin Armitage to J. Valerie Armitage, August 11th, 1962.
BLACKBURN-HUGGINS—Colin W. Blackbum to Peggy Huggins, August 18th, 1962.
LODGE-ARMITAGE—Raymond Lodge to Susan Armitage, August 18th, 1962.
EAGLES-LEACH—David Eagles to Raewyn Leach, August 29th, 1962.
PRATT-SMITH—Alan Pratt to Kathleen Smith, September 1st, 1962.
CROSSLAND-BARKER—Brian Crossland to Daphne Barker, September 15th, 1962.
SALMON-ELLIOTT—Leslie Salmon to Christine M. Elliott, September 22nd, 1962.
SPENCER-KINGSWELL—John Gledhill Spencer to Patricia Kingswell, September 22nd, 1962.
HOLDEN-KAYE—Richard Holden to Brenda Kaye, September 22nd, 1962.
MITCHELL-DEARNLEY—Ralph Mitchell to C. Ruth Dearnley, September 22nd, 1962.
ILLINGWORTH-NOBLE—David Illingworth to Barbara Noble, October 6th, 1962.
PEARSON-RAYNER—Michael Pearson to Jacqueline Rayner, October 13th, 1962.
HOLMES-BRIER—Geoffrey B. Holmes to Jennifer Brier, October 22nd, 1962.
PEARSON-NEWBY—Michael C. Pearson to Janet P. Newby, November 3rd, 1962.
PINDER-RENTON—John Pinder to Jennifer Renton, November 10th, 1962.


EDITH TUNNICLIFFE (nee Cooper), M.G.S. 1907-, November 2nd, 1962.
EVELYN WRIST (nee Ellis), M.G.S. 1906-1908, March 26th, 1962.
SIDNEY R. LEAK, M.G.S. 1928-1935, May 14th, 1962.
ROBERT W. LYNN, M.G.S. 1952-1957, September 29th, 1962.