Stories From The Past

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This area is for short autobiographies, biographies or just tales from the past that may be of interest.

A Refugee Family flees from Czechoslovakia in 1938 to escape Hitler's Regime.
Told by Rudie Thramer who was born on the journey.

The Story of Philip Highe from 1920 until 1988 when he was no longer able to type.
Edited by his son Brian after Philip passed away in 2005. A very interesting read.

Autobiography of Herbert Barker 1871-1955, written in 1954 at the age of 83.
Reproduced here by kind permission of his grandson Sidney Barker.

Notes from Arnold MacDonald written in 2002.

Memories of living in the Horseshoe Yard by Sandra Genders formerly Hemingway.

The story of my mother, Gunner Bessie Booth by Carol Borg (Leadbeater).

Memories of Phil Graham, a Policeman's son, about his life in Mirfield during the early 1960's.

Cinderella by the Knowl Children, 1955 - A Fairy Tale Brought to Life.

Mirfield United Football Club - Retold by Gerald Pollard.

Memories of H. R. (Paddy) O'Donnell - A Mirfield boy looks back.