M.G.S. Magazine - December 1960

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MGS Magazine 1960
Sports Results

FOOTBALL 1959-60

1st XI
This has been an outstanding year for the first team. Only one match, the first against Almondbury, was lost. During the season good football was played and the term deserved their success. Throughout the year the same team was kept, as far as injuries allowed, and as a result of their success all were awarded colours.
Special praise must be given to Michael Knowles who again played for the County Team at left back. He also attended the English trials held during Easter at Oxford. David Halliwell and Alan Stephenson were also County trialists.

1st XI
v. Almondbury Lost 3-1 v. Sowerby Bridge
Drew 2-2
v. Heckmondwike Won 6-0   v. Heckmondwike Won 3-2
v. Honley Won 4-0   v. Huddersfield N.C. Won 8-3
v. Sowerby Bridge Won 5-4   v. Hanson Won 10-0
v. Elland Won 2-0   v. Royds Hall Won 7-1
v. Royds Hall
Won 3-1   v. Ossett Won 5-3
v. Ossett Won 5-2   v. Honley Won 3-1
v. Hanson Won 3-1   v. Rastrick Won 11-0
v. Carlton Won 6-5   v. Saltaire H.S. Won 2-1
v. Rastrick Won 7-4   v. Almondbury Won 3-1
Other Match — v. Leeds Unitersity III — Lost 4-3


Junior XI's
The 2nd XI captained by Ian Crowther played three matches and were successful in all of them.
The U.15's captained by R. Hudson had mixed fortunes, winning six, losing five and drawing one. R. Hudson, J. Booth, J. Rodgers, R. Ely and A. Cost must all be congratulated in playing for the Spen Valley Boys' team.
The U.14's also played three matches, winning two and losing the other.

Yorkshire Grammar Schools' Sevens
This year these were played at Huddersfield New College. Unfortunately the 1st XI was defeated in the first round while the U.15's did better in progressing to the third round.


1st XI
On the whole the team had a good season. They were well captained by David Halliwell who set a fine example. The team played with much keenness, and often humour, and deserved their successes.
For outstanding performances during the season D. Barraclough, R. Hudson, M. Knowles and D. Halliwell were awarded their colours.
The school also defeated the Parents by one wicket in an exciting match while the game against Wakefield Clergy ended in a draw.

v. Carlton: School 98; Carlton 66 for 8 Won
v. Elland:
School 81; Elland 44 for 3 Won
v. Aireborough: School 150 for 3; Aireborough 104 for 7 Won
v. Royds Hall: School 60; Royds Hall 54 for 7 Won
v. Batley: School 80; Batley 81 for 6 Lost
v. Sowerby Bridge: School 93; Sowerby Bridge 94 for 6 Lost
v. Rastrick: School 61 for 6; Rastrick 60 Won
v. Whitcliffe Mount: School 98 for 9; Whitcliffe Mount 121 for 7 Drawn


Junior XI
This was a bad season for the junior eleven as they did not manage to win any matches. However they showed enthusiasm throughout the season and with more experience they should reverse the results.

HOCKEY 1959-60

After the first few matches the teams settled down. The improvements were shown by the results.
The 1st XI played 14 matches of which they won five, lost five and drew four.
The 2nd XI played eight matches of which they won three and lost five.
The U.15.s played six matches of which they won three, lost two and drew one.
Members of the 1st XI were sent to the area hockey trials and Grace Jackson and Kay Holt were chosen to play for the team.
At the end of the season colours were awarded to Helen Butler, Jill Daniels, Anne Fairs, Kay Holt and Grace Jackson.
For the present season the hockey captain is Kay Holt with Jill Daniels as vice-captain. Maxine Peckson is the Games Secretary.

Both tennis teams were subject to many changes this season, and therefore the results were not very encouraging. We hope, however, that the experience the players have gained this season will prove helpful next year.
The 1st team played seven matches, but unfortunately only won one.
The 2nd team played four matches, but were not successful in any way.
The 1st team also played and defeated the Parents' team, and in spite of the rain both sides thoroughly enjoyed the game.
The captain for this season was Jill Daniels, and her vice-captain was Margaret Sykes. Colours were awarded to Jill Daniels.
There was a new venture in the form of a mixed team consisting of four couples. Only one fixture was arranged in which we were successful in defeating Colne Valley Grammar School. The rounders team had a brilliant season winning five out of six matches. The team was captained by Mavis Cooper, and Christine Goodall was vice-captain. They also received their Rounders colours.


This year the Inter-School Sports were held at Mirfield and, as a result of these, five boys and one girl were chosen to represent Spen Valley in the Yorkshire Schools Athletics Championships. They were: Hazel Tudor (Hurdles), G. Smith (Shot), M. Knowles (Javelin), J. Whittaker (High Jump), J. Booth (Javelin), and R. Hudson (Relay).

Inter-House Athletics
These were again held at the end of the Summer Term. The standard was quite high and seventeen records were broken. The following prizes were won:

Senior Boys' Champion: M. Knowles.
Senior Girls' Champion: N. Ellis.
Junior Boys' Champion: J. Paley.
Junior Girls' Champion: I. Ledgard.

The eventual winners of the House Trophy were Thorpe, followed by Bronte and third was Priestley.


High Jump, Boys (11-13) 1. James (T) and Palmer (B): 3. Haigh (P).
  (13-15) 1. Davies (P): 2. Maughan (T): 3. Jessop (B).
  (15-17) 1. Lee (B); 2. Whittaker (T); 3. Land (T).
High Jump, Girls (11-13) 1. M. Handley (T); 2. W. Bates (P); 3. E. Williams (P).
  (13-15) 1. E. Dugdill (T); 2. M. Dugdill (T); 3. J. Wood (P).
  (15-17) 1. A.Carter(T);2. M.Carter(T):3. A.Slater(B).
Cricket Ball, Boys (11-13) 1. Smith (B): 2. Hampshire (B): 3. Haigh (P).
Rounders Ball, Girls (11-13) 1. P. Jessop (P); 2. S. Golder (B); 3. J. Hartley (T).
Long Jump, Boys (11-13) 1. Palmer (B); 2. Shufflebotham (P); 3. Smith (B).
  (13-15) 1. Dunderdale (T) and Ely (B); 3. Mear (P).
  (15-17) 1. Stephenson (B); 2. Bawcutt (T); 3. Walker (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B): 2. Dodgson (B). 3. Dawson (T).
Long Jump, Girls (11-13) 1. B. Myers (T); 2. P. Pogson (B): 3. M. Handley (T).
  (13-15) 1. I. Ledgard (B): 2. E. Dugdill (T); 3. D. Wood (P).
  (15-17) 1. N. Ellis (T): 2. S. Wild (T); 3. H. Butler (P).
Boys' Discus (13-15) 1. Dennison (P); 2. Wills (T); 3. Smith (B).
  (15-17) 1. Hudson (P); 2. Draper (B); 3. Gregory (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Barrow (B); 2. Alderson (P); 3. Dodgson (B).
Girls' Discus (13-15) 1. J. Pickles (T): 2. G. Bloom (P); 3. M. Cooper (P).
  (15-17) 1. P. Buckley (T): 2. M. Pecksen (P): 3. S. Wilding (T).
Boys' Javelin (13-15) 1. Watson (B); 2. Milner (P); 3. Robertson (T).
  (15-17) 1. Whittaker (T): 2. Booth (B); 3. Hampson (T).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B). 2. Dawson (T); 3. Dodgson (B).
Girls' Javelin (13-15) 1. J. Pickles (T); 2. D. Parfitt (B): 3. R. Ison (P).
  (15-17) 1. K. Holt (P); 2. J. Camp (P): 3. J. White (B).
Boys' Shot (13-15)
1. Paley (T): 2. Lawrence (T): 3. Watson (B).
  (15-17) 1. Cost (P); 2. Gregory (B): 3. Draper (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Smith (B); 2. Barrow (B); 3. Allen (P).
880 yards, Boys (13-15) 1. Paley (T); 2. Coates (P); 3. Robertson (T).
  (15-17) 1. Land (T); 2. Smith (B); 3. Nicholson (P).
1 mile, Boys (13-15) 1. Maughan (T): 2. Wilson (P); 3. Downs (B).
  (15-17) 1. Talbot (P); 2. Hampson (T); 3. Kitson (P).
220 yards, Boys (11-13) 1. Smith (B): 2. Wroe (B); 3. Thornton (P).
  (13-15) 1. Ely (B); 2. Pearson (T); 3. Mear (P).
  (15-17) 1. Stephenson (B): 2. Hudson (P); 3. Barraclough (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B): 2. Dawson (T); 3. Bottomley (B).
220 yards, Girls (Over 15) 1. N. Ellis (T). 2. A. Fairs (B); 3. A. Maughan (P).
150 yards, Girls (11-13) 1. L. Wardle (B): 2. B. Myers (T): 3. A. Wilson (B).
  (13-15) 1. I. Ledgard (B). 2. E. Wattam (P): 3. A. Booth (B).
  (Over 15) 1. A. Fairs (B): 2. D. Leonard (T); 3. M. Carter (T).
100 yards, Boys (11-13) 1. James (T): 2. Palmer (B): 3. Dodsworth (B).
  (13-15) 1. Mear (P): 2. Jessop (B); 3. Dunderdale (T).
  (15-17) 1. Hudson (P); 2. Land (T); 3. Walker (B).
  (Over 17) 1. Knowles (B); 2. Bottomley (B); 3. Jokl (T).
100 yards, Girls (11-13) 1. L. Wardle (B); 2. P. Pogson (B); 3. B. Myers (T).
  (13-15) 1. I. Ledgard (B); 2. E. Wattam (P): 3. A. Booth (B).
  (Over 15) 1. N. Ellis (T): 2. M. Pecksen (P); 3. H. Tudor (T).
440 yards, Boys (11-13) 1. Brady (T); 2. Easingwood (B); 3. Carter (B).
  (13-15) 1. Paley (T): 2. Davies (P); 3. Denton (B).
  (15-17) 1. Smith (B). 2. Bawcutt (T); 3. Sowerby (P).
  (Over 17) 1. Dawson (T); 2. Barrow (B); 3. Driver (T).
Hurdles, Boys (11-13) 1. James (T). 2. Hoggett (B); 3. Swallow (B).
  (13-15) 1. Davies (P): 2. Maughan (T); 3. Hirst (T).
  (15-17) 1. Hampson (T): 2. Bawcutt (T); 3. Walker (B).
Hurdles, Girls (11-13) 1. M. Handley (T): 2. E. Mellor (T); 3. B. Barraclough (B).
  (13-15) 1. D. Wood (P); 2. J. Pickles (T); 3. M. Dugdale (T).
  (Over 15) 1. H. Tudor (T); 2. A. Slater (B); 3. M. Pecksen (P).
Relay, Boys (11-13) 1. Bronte; 2. Thorpe: 3. Priestley.
  (13-15) 1. Thorpe: 2. Bronte; 3. Priestley.
  (15-17) 1. Bronte; 2. Thorpe; 3. Priestley.
  (Over 17) 1. Thorpe; 2. Bronte; 3. Priestley.
Relay, Girls (11-13) 1. Bronte; 2. Bronte; 3. Thorpe.
  (13-15) 1. Thorpe; 2. Priestley; 3. Bronte.
  (Over 15) 1. Thorpe; 2. Priestley and Thorpe.

1st-Thorpe 471
2nd-Bronte 457½
3rd-Priestley 389½