M.G.S. Magazine - December 1960

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MGS Magazine 1960
Exam Results - Births, Marriages and Deaths

The following have begun University courses this year:

Leeds — M. H. DODGSON (Agriculture)
Leicester — ANNE CARTER (Mathematics)
North Staffs — J. M. ALLEN (Geography)
Royal Free Hospital, London — G. M. HEELEY (Medicine)

D. G. HALLIWELL is spending a year at the Rolls Royce Works at Derby before going to St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, to study Engineering.

Training College entrants:

Edgehill T.C., Birmingham — NORMA ELLIS
Lady Mabel College of — P .E. ELIZABETH ANNE FAIRS
Manchester College of Housecraft — ANNE M. SYKES
St. Paul's, Cheltenham — J. BARROW
Borough Road T.C., London — G. M. JOKL

University awards this year include:

Leeds — J. M. DEAN B.Sc. Hons. Class II (Geology).
London — A. E. BROWN B.Sc. Hons. Class III (Physics).
RACHEL A. HIRST B.Sc. Hons. Class II (Geography).
Manchester — D. AMBLER B.Sc. (Textiles).
W. K. ARMITAGE B.Sc. Hons. Class II (Metallurgy).
R. M. DARLEY B.Sc. Hons. Class II (Mathematics).
D. WROE B.Sc. Hons. Class III (Civil Engineering).

Mabel Sharman-Crawford Scholarship and State Scholarship: Graham M. Heeley.
West Riding County Major Scholarship: Michael H. Dodgson, David G. Halliwell.
West Riding County Exhibitions:
J. Martin Allen.
West Riding County Bursary: Anne Carter, Elizabeth A. Fairs, Michael W. Elliott, Edward I. Shaw.

G.C.E. Advanced Level: J. Martin Allen (H., G., Gl.); Jeffrey Barrow (A.); Ian Crowther (H.); Michael H. Dodgson (P., C., B.); Michael W. Elliott (E., F., L.); David G. Halliwell (M. & Th. M., P.); Graham M. Heeley (C., Bot., Zoo.); M. H. Heywood (M.); George M. Jokl (F.); Edward I. Shaw (G., Gl.); Eric B. Stead (C.); Barrie Whitehead (G.); Anne Carter (M. & Th. M.); Shirley A Clarke (E.); Norma Ellis (A.); Elizabeth A. Fairs (C., B.); Anne M. Sykes (B.)

G.C.E. Ordinary Level:
Form VI (Lower Supplementary): Bryan Anthony Coultas (M.); John Richard Crawshaw (M.); David Alan Lamb (G.); Wendy Irene Blackburn (E. Lang.); Jacqueline Rayner (H., G., D.Sc.).

Form VI Upper: Ian Crowther (M.).

Form V Alpha: G. C. Alderson (F., M., P., C., B.); D. Armitage (E. Lang., F., Wk.); S. Barraclough (E. Lang., E. Lit., H., G., L., F., M); D. Clayton (E. Lang., E. Lit., F. M.); R. E. J. Draper (E. Lang., E. Lit., G. F. M. P. B.); A. G. Finel (E. Lang., E. Lit., H., L. F., M., C.); P. Hampson (G., M., C.); P. R. Jackson (E. Lang., E. Lit., H. G., F., M., C.); T. Kitson (E. Lang., E. Lit., H. G., F., M., C., B.); M. Knowles (H., G., A., F.); R. D. Laycock (H., A., F.); ]. R. Smith (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., L., F., M., P., C., B.); J. S. Sowden (E. Lang., E. Lit., B.); G. Stansfield (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., L., F., M., B.); P. Walker (E. Lit., G., L., F., M.); J. A. Whittaker (E. Lang., E. Lit., L., F.); Jennifer Anne Avison (E. Lit., G., B., D.Sc.); Cynthia Rose Bennett (A., F., M.); Mary Carter (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., M, B., D.Sc.); Janice Collins (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., F., B., D.Sc.); ]ill Margaret Daniels (E. Lit., H., F.); Judith Mary Fairs (E. Lang., E. Lit., H., L., F., C., B.); Irene Franklin (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., L., F., M., P., C., B.); Elizabeth Haigh (E. Lang. E. Lit., F., M., P., B.); Rosemary Halliwell (E. Lang., E. Lit., H., A., F., M.); Kathleen Holt (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., L., F., M., P., C., B.); Grace Elizabeth Jackson (C.); Sylvia Mitchell (E. Lang., E. Lit., G. F.); Maxine Lesley Pecksen (E. Lang., E. Lit., A., L., F., M.); Julie Mary Sheard (E. Lang., E. Lit., L., F., C., B.); Aileen Mary Slater (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., L., F., M., P., C., B.); Henrietta Munro Smeaton (E. Lang., E. Lit., F.); Hazel Marion Tudor (E. Lang., E. Lit., H., L., F.); Susan Mary Yates (E. Lit.).

Form VA: D. A. Armitage (A.); D. C. Askham (H., G., A., Wk.); R. M. Broadbent (A); J. H. Dyson (G.); J. A. Gregory (E. Lang., G., A.); A. G. Gudgeon (E. Lang.); I. Land (E. Lang., H.); K. S. Lindley (C., Wk); J. A. R. Nicholson (E. Lang., G., Wk.); G. A. Saville (C., B.); M. J. Tearne (G.); L. A. Whiteley (E. Lang., G., B.); Helen Elizabeth Butler (E. Lang.); Rona Meriel Butterworth (E. Lang., E. Lit., A.); Judith Mary Camp (E. Lang., E. Lit., H.); Maureen Evans (E. Lit., H.); Patricia Lesley Greenald (E. Lang., F., B.); Ann Rosamund Heppenstall (E. Lang., E. Lit., B., D.Sc.); Margaret Ann Kirkwood (E. Lang., E. Lit., G., B.); Christine Oldroyd (E. Lang.); Margaret Priestley (E. Lang., E. Lit., A.).

Key: English Language-E. Lang.; English Literature-E. Lit.; History-H.; Geography-G.; Latin-L.; French-F.; Art-A.; Mathematics-M.; Physics-P.; Chemistry-C.; Biology-B.; Woodwork-Wk.; Domestic Science-D.Sc.; Geology-GI.; Maths and Theoretical Mechanics-M. & Th. M.; Botany-Bot.; Zoology-Zoo.

Births, Marriages and Deaths


Nov. 18 - To Mr. and Mrs. R. Hardy, a daughter, Judith.

Mar. 2 - To Dr. and Mrs. Ian B. Copley, a daughter, Jane.
Mar. 5 - To Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Medley, a son, David.
Mar. 6 - To Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Jones, a son, Keith.
Mar. 9 - To Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Barraclough, a son, Mark Derek.
Mar. 10 - To Mr. and Mrs. Bruce (Marjorie Cross), a son, Adrian Michael.
Mar. 23 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. Charnock, a son, Michael.
Mar. 28 - To Mr. and Mrs. J Kitchen, a daughter, Jane.

May 6 - To Mr. and Mrs. W. Macfarlane (Miss M. Chappell), a son, Andrew Glynn.
May 11 - To Mr. and Mrs. B. Hodgson, a son, Nicholas Andrew.

June 11 - To Mr. and Mrs. D. Noble, a daughter, Rosemary.
June 12 - To Mr. and Mrs. P. Swire, a daughter, Gillian Mary.
June 14 - To Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Mann, a daughter, Josephine Elizabeth.
June 26 - To Mr. and Mrs. Parkin (Marilyn Guy), a daughter, Laura Jane.

July 13 - To Mr. and Mrs. Wilson (Irene Stokes), a son, Paul Michael.
July 25 - To Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Brook, a daughter, Linda Jane.
July 26 - To Mr. and Mrs. B. Holland (Joy Appleyard), a daughter, Beverley Ann.
July 29 - To Mr. and Mrs. C. Armitage (Nancy Hardy), a son, Richard John.
July 31 - To Mr. and Mrs. K. Turner, a son, Charles Jeremy.

Aug. 12 - To Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Cooke, a daughter, Judith Eileen.
Aug. 14 - To Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Reed (June Lockwood), a son, Simon Jon.

Sept. 18 - To Mr. and Mrs. R. Wood, a son.
Sept. 26 - To Dr. and Mrs. I. Bower (Mollie Norton), a son, Michael Stewart.

Oct. 1 - To Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Hall, a son, Peter Andrew.
Oct. 14 - To Mr. and Mrs. Derek Dixon, a son, Jeremy Stuart.


KNOWLES-HOYLE—Roy Knowles to E. Rennie Hoyle, February 27th, 1960.
WHITEHEAD-BURTON—Brian Whitehead to Sylvia Burton, March 5th, 1960.
OVENDEN-LORRIMER—Philip Ovenden to Nancy Lorrimer, March 29th, 1960.
DENTON-SMITH—Edgar Denton to Shirley Smith, April 2nd, 1960.
BARKER-EASTWOOD—Raymond Barker to Brenda Eastwood, April 9th, 1960
LOCKWOOD-HEALEY—Edward I. Lockwood to Hazel Healey, April 14th, 1960
HEPWORTH-BARDEN—W. David Hepworth to Judith A. Barden, May 19th, 1960.
BROOK-YATES—Roger S. Brook to Valerie A. Yates, May 21st, 1960.
WALKER-PARKER—J. Keith Walker, to Pauline Parker, May 28th, 1960.
JAGGAR-TOWNSLEY—Peter Jaggar to Pamela R. Townsley, July 23rd, 1960.
WOOD-DICKENSON—Keith Wood to Anne Dickenson, August 6th, 1960.
WATERTON-GOODALL—Leonard Waterton to Eileen Goodall, August 6th, 1960.
SCORAH-SHOOTER—Tony Scorah to Christine Shooter, August 13th, 1960.
BROOK-THWAITE—Peter Brook to Avril S. Thwaite, August 17th, 1960.
HOLMES-BURTON—Barry Holmes to Mavis Burton, August 27th, 1960.
EDWARDS-THWAITE—Wm. Edwards to Ann Thwaite, September 3rd, 1960.
ELLAM-WIMPENNY—Gordan B. Ellam to Mary V. Wimpenny, September 3rd, 1960.
JOHNSON-GLEDHILL—David Johnson to Valerie Gledhill, September 10th, 1960.
LEDGARD-HILL—Peter Ledgard to Betty Hill, September 17th, 1960.
FULLERTON-APPLEYARD—Edward Fullerton to Kathleen M. Appleyard, September 26th, 1960.
JOHNSON-KENWORTHY—David H. Johnson to Jennifer A. Kenworthy, October l0th, 1960.
HAMMERTON-GREENOFF—Roy Hammerton to Nora Greenoff, October 15th, 1960.
HAMMERTON-SCOTT—Jack Hammerton to Judith M. Scott, October 15th, 1960.


HARRIET ANNIE SCRUTON—(M.G.S. Staff), January 14th, 1960.
ALFRED WOOD—(M.G.S. 1888-1890), May 8th, 1960.
HAROLD CRAWSHAW—(M.G.S. 1917-1923), May 25th, 1960.
IAN THYNNE—(M.G.S. 1954-1959), August 7th, 1960.
CHARLES E. FAWTHROP—(M.G.S. 1894), September 28th, 1960.